Best Cold Press Juicer in Australia in 2021

Are looking for the best Cold Press Juicer in ausrtralia?

Here we have listed some of the best option available on the market in order to makes it selection process a lot easier and quicker.

List of Best Cold Press Juicer 

BioChef Axis Compact Juicer 


  • 4.3 cm wide mouth
  • Quick release function
  • 150W DC motor
  • Teitan juicing screen
  • 500ml juicing & Pulp jugs
  • Tamper & Cleaning brush
  • Handy touch button operation

The BioChef Axis is a very compact and space efficient juicer that can easily fit on the kitchen counter. 

The performance of this compact juicer is really amazing. It is a versatile juicer that’s capable of juicing a variety of fruits, veggies as well as fibrous and leafy green vegetables such as aloe leaves, kale, silverbeet, wheatgrass, parsley and other some more. 

The excellent juicing mechanism of the unit is powered with the 150W DC motor.

It features a juice extractor, squeezing screw and an adjustable pulp nozzle for easy juicing process. 

It comes with a camper and cleaning brush that helps you to remove any fibrous matter that may hamper the functioning of the juicer. 

The BioChef Axis is extremely simple to operate and easy to clean so that you don’t have to spend your precious time on cleaning. 

Positive Points

  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Energy efficient
  • Easy to operate
  • Space efficient design
  • Suitable to juice variety of fruits and veggies

Negative Points

  • When operating at high speed, it produces a lot of noise

Cold Press Juicer Buyer’s Guide

Here we have a few main factors that need to be considered in order to choose the best cold press juicer on the market.


Design of the juicer should be selected on the basis space on your kitchen counter. If your kitchen counter is small or already occupied with a  lot of other things then it’s a good option for you to go for a compact juicer that’s easy to store and also doesn’t have a lot of parts to clean. 

Plup Yield 

The pulp yield of the juicer is the second main factor that must be taken into consideration in order to select the best unit for your requirements. The cold press juicers generate a lot of pulp as they retain the essential nutrients of the fruits and veggies. 


The next important factor is the power of juicer. The power of a juicer is related to the power of the motor installed in a juicer. If you are looking for a juicer to juice leafy veggies then you should consider buying a juicer with at least 400 watts of power. 


Normally juicers generate a lot of noise. However, it is not a major concern for most of the users but it is quite irritating when you juice for a long time. So, if you have to juice in large quantity, then you should go for a juicer that generates less noise. 


Speed of juicer is one of the major factors for most of the users. Almost everyone wants complete juicing as soon as possible. but there is one problem with high speed. It increases the temperature during the process that leads to loss of some vitamins and nutrients. Therefore, make sure to juice at medium speed for getting amazing fresh juice. 

Feeder Tube

The size of the feeder tube plays an important role in the juicing process. If the size of the feeder tube is quite small then you have to cut the fruits and veggies to suit the size of the feeder tube. If you want to minimize the preparation time of the juicing process then you need to look for a juicer that offers you a large feeding tube to accommodate large pieces of fruits and vegetables. 

Cleaning Requirement

The joy of the fresh juice is killed by the cleaning of the juicier. The juicers that come with a lot of parts are very hard to clean and take a lot of time. Therefore, go for a juicer that comes with lesser parts and has a wide feeding tube. 

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