Best Cordless Phone in Australia – Reviews

Looking for the best cordless phones available in the Australian market? 

A cordless phone makes a lot of things easier as compared to a cordless phone. A cordless phone helps you to move around while talking whereas with a cordless phone you have to stick with the phone. Some cordless phones support a feature in which it gives power to the base unit when power is down so that you’ll never miss a call. 

No matter whether you are looking for a set for cordless phones for office use or home use. Here, I have listed some of the best cordless phones in order to make your choice easier. 

List of Best Cordless Phones in Australia



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Uniden XDECT 8355+2 Cordless Phone
Motorola AXH03 Cordless Phone
Panasonic KX-TGM422AZB Cordless Phone
VTech CLS 17251 2 Handset DECT Cordless Phone
Panasonic KX-TGD320ALB Cordless Phone

Uniden XDECT 8355+2 Cordless Phone


  • Do not disturb function
  • Decent size display
  • Digital answering machine with 30 minutes record time
  • Duplex speaker 
  • Call block
  • Speed dial 
  • Eco mode
  • Call conferencing
  • Visual message call waiting  
  • Wall and desk mountable

THis is another good quality set of cordless phones that you might want to consider is this Unidex set. 

With the large black and white display user friendly and widely spaced illuminated keys, the Uniden XDECT is one of the easiest to use cordless phones. 

It has 220 contact address book, 10 speed dial, 10 ringer options, 6 level earpiece and speaker volume, 10 number redial memories, and an integrated digital answering machine  with up to 30 minutes recording capacity. 

When it comes to battery life it provides you 10 hours of talktime and 10 day of standby time. 

It has a power failure backup system in which the charger handset temporarily supplies power to the base unit. Moreover, none of the keys on the base unit will be functional during power failure. 

It is equipped with the privacy mode so that no other handsets can join your call. In order to ensure you whether it is on or not. THe lock icon shows on the display when it’s on. Moreover, the privacy mode automatically gets turned off when you hang up. 

Motorola AXH03 Cordless Phone


  • Built-in Alexa
  • Answer machine
  • Hand-free Speakerphone 
  • 2 inch LCD display
  • App compatible
  • High definition audio

Motorola is one of the well known companies all over the world. The AXH03 cordless phone from Motorola is one of the best cordless phones available in the Australian market. 

One of the unique features of this cordless phone is that it’s alexa compatible. For alexa there is a dedicated button on the phone which you can use for phone to phone and alexa to alex calling. 

It is equipped with a 2 inch full color display that keeps you up to date with nay notification, incoming calls, and a specially designed alex interface lets you see and hear alexa in action when you press the dedicated alexa button. 

You can use the hellovoice smartphone app on your IOS as well as android phone from anywhere to check any calls that you have made, received or missed through your landline telephone service.

Panasonic KX-TGM422AZB Cordless Phone


  • Amplify calls
  • Noise reduction feature
  • Block up to 250 nuisance callers 
  • While balck LED 
  • Audible and visual call alerts

The Panasonic KX-TGM422AZB is part of Panasonic is one of the successful cordless phone model

This cordless phone features large and squared keys that offer ease in operation. 

It has a while and blakc LED display that measures 1.8 inch. It is equipped with an amazing technology that allows you to increase the caller’s sound for a better and clear voice of the caller. Moreover, it also has speech booster functionality that ensures that even the caller can hear your voice properly. 

Using this cordless phone you can even slow down the fast speakers with just a touch of a button. 

It has a noise reduction feature that suppresses the background noise and enhances the audio of the caller for better calling experience. 

It has block functionality using which you can avoid attending the nuisance caller. You can block up to 250 numbers. 

It has 15 ringtone options to choose from depending on your personal liking. 

This cordless phone gives you a call alert not only audible but also visual with the help of bright red LED visual ringers on the base of the unit. 

In order to ensure you stay connected with other people even when power goes out, it is equipped with 2 rechargeable Ni-MH batteries installed in the base unit. It provides you 3 hours of continuous use and 4 hours stand by time. 

When it comes to easy calling, it has 100 number phonebooks, up to 15 minutes of voice messaging, nine speed dial numbers, expandability of up to 6 handsets. 

VTech CLS 17251 2 Handset DECT Cordless Phone


  • Call block
  • Handsfree speakerphone 
  • 70 number phone book
  • Backlit LED display
  • Volume booster 
  • 12 minutes record time

If you are looking for a very basic cordless phone then you should check out this cordless home phone.
It is equipped with call blocking technology that gives you the ability to block up to 20 numbers permanently from calling your landline. 

This phone is very easy to operate and setup. 

This cordless phone also has answering machine capacity with up to 12 minutes of record time. 

It allows you to save up to 70 numbers in your phone book. 

It is equipped with a small LED blacklist display for dialing and tracking of callers. 

Panasonic KX-TGD320ALB Cordless Phone


  • Nuisance call block
  • 16 hours of talk time 
  • One touch eco mode 
  • Do not disturb mode 
  • DECT security

The Panasonic KX-TGC320 is a cheap yet well featured cordless phone. 

This phone is specifically designed for those who want larger buttons, or if you have some senior members in your family or team, then you’ll want to opt for this cordless phone model. 

The keys are large and bright so they’re very clear to see. 

This cordless phone offers you long battery life. It provides you up to 16 hours of maximum talk time and on stand by it can be left for around 8 days. 

It has an eco mode in which the signal output is reduced by up to 90 % and power consumption is reduced by 3.5 %. In order to ensure that you know about whether eco mode is on or not it is cleanly displayed on the LCD screen. 

It is equipped with DECT security that keeps the conversion between the cordless and the base unit secure and secret by encryption. For advanced security the encryption password is changed periodically. 

The do not disturb mode helps you to stay focused on other works when you do not want someone to disturb you. 

Cordless Phone Buying Guide


Some of the cordless [phone provide just one handset per base station, but brands that offer multiple handsets per base provide expansion capabilities. 

Model with expansion capability is good to consider as you can expand it when you will need ever more units. 


MAke sure you consider that model which provides a decent size of phone book so that you can save all the important numbers to avoid the hassle of dialing numbers again and again. 

Call block 

It must have a call block functionality in order to avoid the nuisance callers who call you to waste your time. Depending on the number of calls you get, make you check the number of call blocks offered by a unit. 


Next thing that you need to consider is the display size on a unit. Display helps a lot  in order to know whether a particular functionality is on or not. 

Make sure you pick a unit with a decent sized display so that you do not have to make much effort in order to operate a unit. 

Button Size

Depending on your personal requirement you should pick the size of the button on a cordless phone. Large button offers easy operation but some people don’t like large buttons. So make sure you check them before placing your order. 

Battery life

Battery life is a very important factor to consider. Depending on your calling habit you should pick the unit that offers you decent to fulfill your needs. 

 FAQ’s About Cordless Phone

How do cordless phones work?

There is not much difference between the operation of a corded and a cordless phone. They connected similarly to the main electric point and landline property. The only difference is that the corded phone has wired connectivity with base whereas a cordless phone uses the radio frequency. 

How long can a cordless phone last? 

It mainly depends on the quality of the phone if you have a high quality cordless phone then can last for even a decade but it’ll be a little expensive. 
If you go with a cheap model then it’ll hardly last for a year or two. 

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