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Do know that in the place where humidity is present more than 50% it becomes the most favorable place for the breeding for dust mites, mold, and mildew. They further lead to health issues such as allergies. 

If you do not want to face this situation then it must have a dehumidifier. A dehumidifier is an essential appliance that helps to control the humidity level present in the air. 

List of Best Dehumidifiers  

DeLonghi AriaDry Compact Dehumidifier


  • Tank Control System 
  • Visible water level
  • Three speed fan 
  • Clothes dry mode
  • PTC heating element
  • Double Condense Elimination 
  • 4.5 L reservoir tank
  • Antifreeze technology 

The first on our list is the Delonghi AriaDry Compact Dehumidifier. It can work up and dehumidify a room. 

This dehumidifier regulates the humidity and dampness in a room and thus reduces your cost of air conditioning and thus gives you a low power bill. 

This dehumidifier features PTC ( Positive temperature Coefficient) heating element that adds heat to the dehumidifying process which leads to better efficiency of the device. 

It is equipped with a special laundry function that helps you to dry your clothes indoors. This feature proves to be very useful during bad weather. 

It has a double condense elimination system that helps to discharge the removed humidity into the tank. 

One of the great features of this device is that it has a tank control system that turns off the dehumidifying process when the tank gets full. Moreover, the unit has a tank indicator so that you know when you have to empty it. 

The antifreeze functionality enables this machine to operate even at room temperature down to 2 degree celsius. 

It has 3 fan speeds that allows you control the dehumidifying process.

The fan brings in the air, it is heated up, passes on to the cool coil which condenses the air. The water generated during the process is stored into the water tank while the air is heated back to the original temperature and released back into the room.It has a 4.5 Litre capacity reservoir tank. 

There is a LED display on the top of the machine that shows you the humidity level in a room and lest you toggle the desired temperature levels. 

There is also a timer setting using which you can set the desired duration for which you want to run it. 

Overall, the performance of this dehumidifier is outstanding and best to use in home and office.

Hysure Dehumidifier Compact Dehumidifier 


  • Compact design 
  • Quiet operation
  • Less power consumption
  • Single Button Control
  • Automatic turn off
  • Lightweight
  • Easy maintenance

The Hyser Dehumidifier is a highly effective unit that can remove humidity from your room in an energy efficient manner. 

It’s a product you will love once it comes to your home. Customers love it because of its efficiency and extremely quiet operation. 

By design, the device is sleek, slender and is something that you would not feel shy to place at the centre in a room. 

You can comfortably sleep through the sound of the dehumidifier as it comes in at 40dB when it is operating. 

The operation of this machine is based on the peltier technology in which there is no need for a compressor. Use of this technology makes this unit lightweight and quiet. 

This model comes with an auto shut off functionality. The unit automatically gets turned off when the water tank gets full, that prevents the water spillage all around the floor. 

Emptying the water tank is pretty easy, just take the drawer that is inside of the bottom where water is held and empty it out.

DeLonghi DDS25 Compact Dehumidifier


  • Three fan speed
  • Heavy duty pump 
  • 24 hour timer setting
  • Antifreeze device
  • 4.5 Litre of high capacity tank 
  • Four power levels

The Delonghi AriaDry DDS25 is a refrigerant dehumidifier with large 25litres/day extraction capacity. 

It features a blue control panel on the top of the unit that provides a modern look. It features slide slots that look less messy as compared to the rotating louvres found on many dehumidifiers. 

There are different buttons on control panels using which you can perform different functions such as there is a thermometer/hygrometer button, which you can use to check the humidity and temperature in the room. 

Moreover, there is also laundry mode which you can enable or disable using the dedicated laundry button.

One of the great features of this dehumidifier is that it is fitted with an anti-bacterial filter that  helps to remove the unwanted bacteria from the air. That means it not only provides you a humidity free environment but it also makes air bacteria free. 

It is equipped with a 4.5 litre water tank and it has a front loading design and water level indicator. 

It features a double condense elimination system that helps the water to fall more efficiently into the tank. 

It comes with three fan speeds which you adjust depending upon your requirements. Moreover, it also has an auto fan function. 

There is also a 24 hours timer which you set if you do not want it to operate all day. 

Arovec AroDry-900 Air Dehumidifier


  • Auto Shut off
  • Quiet operation
  • Compact design 
  • 900ml capacity water tank 
  • LEd indicator for water level
  • Portable and ideal for home, and office

With aesthetically pleasing looks and competitive pricing compared to most to large volume luxury dehumidifiers, the Arovec Arcodry-900 Dehumidifier is perfect for a room. 

Thanks to the compact and portable design of this dehumidifier, you can easily place it on a desk, or even in a corner of a room. It comes with a 900ml capacity water tank. 

This dehumidifier comes with an auto shut off feature which automatically turns off the device when the water tank gets full. Moreover, it is also equipped with an LED light flash that indicates when the water tank needs to drain. 

It is equipped with built-in thermo-electric cooling technology that operates without a compressor which provides silent operation.

Hysure BO7F29TM68 Dehumidifier 


  • Quiet operation
  • One press control
  • Auto shut off
  • 700 ml capacity water tank

This dehumidifier is small and compact but works with great efficiency. This unit is designed with the ultra-quiet functionality and also with innovative Peltier technology. 

This is a lightweight machine as there are no moving parts or a compressor in this machine. 

The compact size of this machine is fit enough to fit anywhere on the workbench or the desk effortlessly. 

This dehumidifier features a spill proof tank and it has a water tank with a capacity of 700 ml. 

This Hyscore air dehumidifier is an upgraded version without any chemical stuff and consumes less energy. This Hysure 700ml electric dehumidifier is environment friendly in extracting moist and condensation. 

It has automatic shut down which automatically turns off the machine when the water tank is filled with water completely. 

The single button operation makes it easy to operate. You just need to click on a single button on the display screen and the unit will start functioning. 

Dehumidifier Buying Guide

While buying a dehumidifier there are a lot of factors that you need to consider in order to make the best choice. 

Let’s have a look at each factor one by one. 

Types of Dehumidifier

On the basis of amount of moisture a dehumidifier can remove in 24 hours, the dehumidifiers are categorized into three types: 

Large Capacity 

The large capacity dehumidifiers provide you the ability to remove around 28-33 liters of moisture in a day. These types of dehumidifiers are suitable for a wide range of humidity levels. If you have a large or wet space then you should go with a large capacity dehumidifier. 

Medium Capacity

This type of dehumidifier has the ability to remove 23 litres of moisture in a day. This is best suited if you want a dehumidifier for mid-sized spaces that are very damp. 

Small Capacity

The small capacity dehumidifiers are capable of removing around 13 litres of moisture per day. These are perfect for small damp rooms. 

Collection tank

The collection tank in a dehumidifier refers to the water tank that holds the water that is pulled from the air. As the dehumidifier starts extracting the moisture, the collection tank starts filling and it needs to be emptied manual after some time. 

There are most dehumidifiers that come with the auto turn off technology that helps to prevent the overflow of water by turning off the machine once the water tanks get full. 

You need to check the size of the collection tank because if you go with a small one then you have to empty it again and again. 

However, it depends on your convenience, size of room and level of humidity that whether you should go with a smaller water tank or larger one. 

Air Filter

Many of the dehumidifiers in the market come with the air filter which means such models not remove the humidity but they also remove the contaminants from the air. 

Moreover, an air filter also helps to remove the weird smell that generates in a wet or damp environment. 

Whisper Quiet Technology

The Whisper quiet operation of a dehumidifier helps you to sleep peacefully. This technology helps to reduce the amount of noise generated during the working of the unit. 


Some of the dehumidifier models come with a timer setting that enables you to set a timer for the unit if you want it to operate for a specific duration in a day. 

Fan speed settings

Fan speed determines the nose produced by a unit, at higher speed it will produce much noise whereas at lower speed it’ll produce less noise. Moreover, fan speed also affects the dehumidifier speed. As low speed the device will draw out moisture slowly and vice versa. 

If you want to have control over the fan speed then you must consider models that come with different fan speeds. 

FAQ’s About Dehumidifiers

Is it safe to leave the dehumidifier unattended? 

Yes, it’s completely safe as the device will automatically turn off when specific or required humidity is archived. 

Does dehumidifier help to prevent the generation of mold? 

Yes, it helps to prevent the generation of mold. Mold starts building up on the walls and furniture when the moisture in the air increases to 60% or more. A dehumidifier is a perfect solution to control the moisture level in order to prevent mold. 

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