Best Electric Whipper Snipper in Australia – Reviews

Cordless Outdoor Power Equipment has become more and more popular in recent years.  

Similarly, the battery operated whipper snipper is a great outdoor equipment that helps to keep your yard clean and beautiful. 

With the help of whipper snippers you can reach those areas in your yard that are difficult to reach. 

However, choosing the best electric whipper snipper is not very easy as there are a lot of options available on the market. 

I have written detailed specifications of every product but if you do not have much time to go through easy products specification then you can consider the table for your convenience. 

In order to make your choice easier, here I have listed 6 best top rated whipper snippers on the market. 

So, without any further delay, let’s have a lot at each top rated unit one by one. 

List of Best Electric Whipper Snipper



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EGO Power+ ST1500-S 15-inch
Bosch Cordless Line Grass Trimmer 
EGO Power+ PH1400
WORK WG16E.9 20V 2-in-1
Bosch Cordless Line Trimmer Advanced Grass Cut 

EGO Power+ ST1500-S 15-inch


  • Dual feed twist line
  • Brushless motor
  • Weather resistant 
  • Extended aluminum shaft with in-line grip
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use 
  • Well designed 

EGO Power+ is a great product for those who want to switch to rechargeable outdoor power equipment in lieu of gas powered tools. 

It is equipped with a brushless motor that provides more power and more efficiency. 

This tool comes folded in half, That’s right, you unfold the straight shaft and then insert the tow supplied allen, securing them with the included wrench. The motor of the tool is located at the top of the sting trimmer head and there’s only wiring running through the shaft, and it’s well protected by a nice, thick, plastic overmold. 

It comes with the 56V 2.0 AH battery, it’s loaded on the rear of the machine, behind the handle and trigger. 

The battery slides in very easily and let you know with the ‘Click’ that you’re ready to go. 

The trigger of the tool is very sensitive and provides you more control over the tool than a power tool style squeeze trigger. 

This string trimmer is well designed to offer you years of service. 

It features a padding on the handle that’s a great addition to the tool for your comfort. 

Overall, this is a good option if you olive the simplicity of battery powered outdoor power equipment. It performs the job well and feels comfortable while using it. Moreover, it is compact and easy to store. 

Bosch Cordless Line Grass Trimmer 


  • Foldable handles
  • Easy to store and transport
  • Telescopic system
  • V-shaped hand lever
  • Weight: 2.3 kg 
  • Battery powered
  • Voltage: 18 volts
  • 2 year warranty
  • Very light and comfortable to use

Bosch Cordless Line Grass Trimmer is a part of Bosch Power4All 18v range of cordless tools for the home and garden which all share the same lithium ion batteries. 

This tool has been designed to be used in a variety of different positions. 

The straight shaft and the tiltable head enable you to access underneath obstacles like overhanging foliage and garden furniture. 

It features an ergonomic V-shaped auxiliary handle that provides you a secure grip and encourages a natural working posture with minimal bending. 

The twisting functionality of the handle puts the trimmer in an edging mode for neat trimming along flower beds and similar garden features. 

It has an IntelliFEED auto line feed system that automatically replenishes the line as needed to let you carry on working with minimal frustrations or interruptions. 

The foldable handles and a telescopic system of this trimmer takes up minimal space in your garage. 

The machine is equipped with the Synon Chip that regulates the power from the battery based on the load on the tool. It gets every last drop of the power out of the battery for extended runtime. 

Last but not the least, the automatic spool line of this grass trimmer eliminates the news to stop and bend to manually adjust the spool or the need to bump the head to stimulate line feeding. 



  • Two modes – turbo and eco
  • Cord free operation
  • Lightweight
  • Two handles 
  • Adjustable height
  • Easy to use 

This strimmer is rated very highly by online buyers. It is one of the best selling cordless strimmer on Amazon. This strimmer is well designed and very powerful for a battery style trimmer. 

It comes with the powerful 36 volt lithium battery so no cords to worry about. Moreover the battery lasts for a long time around 35-45 minutes, per charge. 

When it comes to the charging time of the battery, it takes around 30 minutes to get fully charged

 Its automatic single line feed system will save your hours of frustration – no more bumping or tugging at lines. 

It is equipped with a high torque gear system to deal with even the tallest of grass or the toughest of weeds. 

It features a telescopic handle that allows for height adjustment to suit you height. 

Moreover, it also comes with a second adjustable handle, that allows you to hold the strimmer with both hands – and helps find a good centre of balance. 

It has different settings namely turbo and eco. The turbo mode is when you need to use the full power of the machine. Moreover the battery lasts about 30 minutes in turbo mode. The eco mode can be used when you are dealing with short grass.

The trigger mechanism has a safety sliding patch on  both sides that you have to do press before you pull the trigger in. However, it is not possible to lock the trigger. You have to keep the finger pressed on the trigger to run it. 

EGO Power+ PH1400


  • 3”max cutting depth
  • Equipped with guide wheel
  • Swap tool attachments
  • Weather resistant construction
  • Powered  by 56v arc lithium battery
  • High efficiency brushless motor

The EGO multi-head system seems to be everything in the Outdoor Power Equipment World right now. It’s a great idea, using a single power source with attachments saving both time and space.

It is equipped with the 56v battery to power head and provides you incredible power.  

The battery easily slides on and has an audible click, with a simple release to remove the battery to charge. 

The EGO Multi-head system consists of various different packaged systems. It is a full system, featuring the power head, string trimmer, edger, extension pole, 10 inch pole saw and hedge trimmer. 

The tool is equipped with the brushless motor and has water resistant technology to protect the unit from minor water exposure. 

It comes with a startant trigger that’s easy to use, even for extended periods. Moreover, the powerhead has a lock-off button for safety. 

The power head of the tool has a speed selector, offering you to customise the speed depending upon requirement. 

The handle is covered with foam and it can be adjusted along the pole.

The trimmer features a guard made of hard plastic for protection debris and projecting grass. The guard has a steel blade for cutting the trimming line when needed. 

The edger attachment weights around 5 pounds and features an 8 inch blade, allowing maximum cut depth of four inches. The edger has a guide wheel which helps to maneuver the edger along sidewalks. 

The EGO pole saw attachment features a 10 inch bar and weight around 4 pounds. The oil tank is semi-transparent allowing the user to visibly see the levels. 

WORK WG16E.9 20V 2-in-1


  • Wheeled edging
  • Adjustable handle 
  • Wheels for ease of use and accuuracy
  • Head pivots 90 degree for various terrains
  • Powershare battery platform
  • Powerful 20v battery

The WORX WG163 GT 3.0 is a cordless Weed eater running on a 20-volt battery pack. This delivers enough power for the 12-inch cutting swath and 0.065 in string to cover small to midsize yards. 

This is pretty light and the adjustable extra handle makes carrying this tool even more comfortable and convenient. 

With a few quick adjustments you can transform it into a lawn edge with rubberized wheels behind for even better precision. 

The trimmer title that’s a useful for hard to reach spaces and unusual angles. 

With the cutting diameter of twelve inches-one foot this trimmer is able to cut your grass in a speedy and efficient manner. 

While using the trimmer/edger, you can adjust the telescoping shaft. If you need the trimmer/edger to be taller or shorter – then you can easily adjust the shaft so that it’s the right height for you. 

Moreover, it includes a spacer ( also called a flower guard) that protects flower beds and wooden structures from the sharp string. 

Overall, it has a very user-friendly design. It’s lightweight and has an adjustable handle. It is also a highly affordable option but still delivers a great value at that friendly price.

Bosch Cordless Line Trimmer Advanced Grass Cut 


  • Auxiliary handle adjustment
  • Semi-automatic line feed 
  • Lightweight
  • Charging time 1.5 hours
  • Cut diameter: 30 cm 
  • Syneon Chip for optimum power and endurance
  • Dual speed cutting system 
  • Powerful 36 V motor

This is efficient, easy to handle and like all my recommendations trimmers, cordless. 

The advancedGrassCut 36 lines-durable plastic strips that assemble whips and likely inspired the term”whipper snipper”-to cut away tall grass and stubborn weeds. 

The large, durable plastic guard wraps around the rear and sides of the trimmer, keeping surrounding plants safe. 

With a high capacity, 36V lithium-ion battery, the advancedGrassCut 36 packs a punch, and recharges in a respectable 70 minutes. To maximize performance, Bosch incorporated syneo technology-an electronic chip that monitors and intelligently controls power output. 

The ergonomic design and the angle adjustable auxiliary handle, and an extended soft-touch grip section, add comfort and control during extended use. 

The Bosch Advanced GrassCut 36 has the ability to swivel the head to allow it to become an edge trimmer. This is done very simply by pressing a button half way up to the trimmer and locking into place. 

The head diameter is 30 cm and is designed for medium to larger lawns. 

This machine performs very well in the toughest conditions and the fact that is cordless makes it so easy and convenient to use. 

Wrap up

So, here are my 6 best picks for electric whipper snippers. 

I hope my guide may have helped you in making your best choice. 

all the items or products listed in this article are shortlisted after going through the specification and customer reviews of a lot of whipper snippers in this market. 

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