Best Freestanding Oven in Australia in 2020

Freestanding oven is a very cost effective kitchen appliance. It is cheaper than buying a separate oven and cooktop. Moreover, in order to install it, you don’t need to pay a builder. 

Nowadays freestanding ovens have become highly fashionable. Chrome knobs, cast iron trivets and bright colors collectively offer an amazing look. 

Our team has gone through  around 20 freestanding ovens and we have shortlisted 5 best freestanding ovens in the market according to our research. 

Purchasing a new kitchen appliance involves a lot of investment. In order to help you in making your best choice we have added a buyers guide in this post. 

List of Best Freestanding Oven in Australia

Smeg FreeStanding Oven


  • 126 L capacity
  • Knob controls
  • Thermoseal
  • Double glazed door
  • Thermal protection

The Smeg Freestanding Over compliments any home kitchen. It has a variety of different functions and programmes which gives you well rounded cooking options. 

Smeg is a well known and respected band and their freestanding over offers quality without compromising power. 

It is equipped with thermoseal technology that helps to maintain the perfect temperature balance. It allows you to cook your food evenly in the controlled cooking environment. 

Ir comes with six over cooking functions which includes bakers function, convection, fan assisted, fan grill, fan forced and grill. 

It has a kob control system which is very simple and easy to use. 

It has an ultra rapid dual burner for fast cooking. It comes with a total of five burners which allows you to cook multiple items at the same time.

Easy cleaning of the oven cavities ensure that oil, grease, and foo debris do not build up on the oven surface. 

Positive Points

  • Stylish design 
  • Five burners 
  • Efficient oven 
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable built quality

Negative Points

  • Price can be an issue

Fisher & Paykel OR90SCG2X1 Dual Fuel Freestanding Oven


  • Multi-self cooking 
  • 140L royal oven capacity
  • Electronically controlled heat 
  • Five burners
  • Built-in nine oven functions
  • Cooltouch door

A single oven with an integrated grill, that is perfect if you are looking for an effective and reliable option. 

This freestanding oven is equipped with various oven functions types such as bake, fan forced, fan  grill, pastry, gril, rapid roof, roast, classic bake, fan bake and bake with pizza mode.

It has 140L total oven capacity which lets you cook multiple dishes at the same time. 

It has Aerotech technology which ensures that all the dishes get evenly cooked no matter whether it is placed on the top shelf or bottom shelf. 

For easy and convenient cleaning of the oven you can remove the inner panel of glass and runners. 

Five burners allows you to cook multiple dishes at once. Moreover,it has a hob rail, a classic round handle, and a storage drawer for keeping the baking trays. 

It has many other great features such as audio feedback, minute timer, interior lights, clock, quadruple glazed cool touch door, advanced cooling system, and flame failure system. 

Positive Points

  • Acid resistant graphite enamel
  • Removable door glass of oven for easy cleaning.
  • Automatic pre-set temperature
  • Large capacity
  • Different over functions
  • Precise controls cooktop

Negative Points

  • Single chamber for oven and grill

Fisher & Paykel OR90SCG481 Dual FreeStanding Oven


  • Classic round handle 
  • AeroTech system 
  • Five burners 
  • Convection oven
  • 140 L capacity 
  • Storage drawer
  • Control knobs 
  • 6 Shelf position
  • Flame failure system

A model which will look great in any kitchen. This electric oven and gas cooktop comes in black color. 

It is a convection oven in which heat rises from the base, that makes it perfect for baking and long roasts. 

The hob features five burners, which are all nice and roomy therefore all can be used at the same time. 

It comes with 9 built-in cooking functions with pre set temperature that enables you to make delicious dishes even easier. The included functions are: pastry bake with pizza mode, rapid proof, roast, fan forced, fan grill, grill, bake, fan bake, and classic bake. 

It has Aerotech technology which circulates the heat evenly throughout the oven so that food gets evenly cooked on every shelf. 

Positive Points

  • Cool touch door
  • Flame failure system
  • Aerotech Technology
  • Dishwasher safe trivets
  • Removable shelf runners
  • Easy to clean
  • Well designed

Negative Points

  • Does not have separate grill

Euromaid freestanding Ceramic Cooker


  • Stainless steel
  • Electric over as well as cooktop
  • 105 Litre capacity
  • Five electric hobs
  • Six oven functions
  • Constoles knobs
  • Child safety lock
  • Programmable clock

This is a spacious freestanding oven with loads of room for all your food. Whether you cook for a large family. 

It comes with 6 cooking functions which enables us to make multi-course meals. 

Both the cooktop are electric and give you a smooth platform at the top. It looks modern and has an easy to use control panel. 

It is built with stainless steel that ensures durability and long term service. 

The cooktop has five electric hobs which allows you to quickly finish your cooking when you have to make multiple dishes. 

The clock of the oven is programmable. It has a full glass double glazed door that allows you to monitor the dishes without opening the door. 

In order to ensure the safety of your little one, it comes with a child lock. 

Positive Points

  • Well designed 
  • Large capacity
  • Five electric hobs
  • Induction cooktop

Negative Points

  • Less oven functions

Westinghouse WLE525WB  Freestanding Cooker Oven


  • Four electric hobs
  • Fan forced oven function
  • Electric oven as well as cooktop
  • 80 L capacity
  • Removable inner full glass panel
  • Easy to use control panel

An Attractive white color model form Westinghouse, this is perfect for anyone who is looking for a small capacity freestanding oven. 

The design of the unit looks elegant. The high quality built of the unit ensures durability and reliability. 

It has a separate spacious grill and can be used simultaneously while baking or roasting in the oven. 

It has four electric hobs to cook multiple dishes at same time. Both the oven and cooktops are electric. 

The inner full glass panel of the unit is removable that offers you easy cleaning. 

Positive Points

  • Amazing design 
  • Easy to operate 
  • Separate grill
  • Removable inner glass panel

Negative Points

  • Single oven function

FreeStanding Oven Buyers Guide

While buying a freestanding oven you should consider certain factors in order to ensure that your pick is the best suited for your personal requirements. 

Electric vs Gas

The first and the fosremsor feature to look for is the fuel source. 

Both gas and electric fuel sources have their own benefits. In order to determine which one is best for you, let’s have a look at advantages of both fuel types. 

Electric ovens provide even, dry heat which is perfect for roasting and baking. Electric ovens are good in temperature precision. This functionality makes it the best suited fuel type for making cook which is very sensitive to temperature fluctuations. Moreover, cleaning of electric cooktops is much easier than the gas cooktops. 

When it comes to the benefits of gas ovens. One of the main features is that the heat produced by a gas oven is moist then does not result in the drying of the food which happens in the case of an electric oven.

This feature makes the gas oven the best option for roasting meat. Gas ovens are also faster and more powerful than the electric oven. The only downside of these ovens is they are best difficult to clean. 

Now as we have gone through the benefit of both fuel type. So you can decide on the basis of your requirement, whether you want a gas oven or electric oven. 

Note: if you are going to purchase a gas oven then make sure you purchase one which is equipped with a fan to circulate the heat to every corner of the unit for proper and even cooking. 


The next important factor is the size of the unit. I want to have more space on the cooktop then make sure you go with a wider model. 

Moreover, you should also check the space availability in your kitchen and especially the size of the door.  


The oven capacity requirement depends on the cooking requirement. If you have a large family then it is best to go with a high capacity oven or vise versa. 

There are some models in the market which come with a double or triple oven. Such models allow you to cook different dishes separately.

Number of Gas Burners or Electric Hobs

You should check the number of gas burners or electric hobs on a freestanding oven on the basis of your cooking requirement. 

More number of burners and hobs allows you to perform several cooking tasks at the same time. It helps to save your time. It is a good option for you if you can manage different dishes at the same time. 


The controls of a freestanding should have a good size and clearly labeled and easy to use. They should be easy to grip and operate. Some of the models offer removable controls which makes cleaning of the unit much easier. 

Storage space

Some of the freestanding ovens comes with a dedicated storage space to keep the baking and other cooking tools. 

Oven functions

Different models of freestanding ovens come with different functions. Built-in functions of a freestanding oven enhances the efficiency and performance. Here are some of the most common oven functions: fan-forced, fan assist, fan grill, grill only, pastry bake with pizza mode, rapid proof, roast,, bake, fan bake, and classic bake

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FAQ’s About Freestanding Oven

How long does a freestanding oven are designed to last usually?

They last around a decade. However, the lifespan of a unit also depends on the maintenance. 

Do freestanding ovens have adjustable feet? 

Yes, some of the models comes with adjustable feet that allow you to align your unit with your worktop. 

What is the main difference between a freestanding oven and a slide oven?

The main difference is the installation of both types of oven. Freestanding oven does not require any special installation as it stands alone or. Whereas slide-in ovens are specially designed to fit between the cabinets. 

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