Best Multi Cooker in Australia in 2021 – Reviews

For a busy person, a multi cooker is one of the best kitchen appliances that help you to cook conveniently and quickly during busy days. 

A multi cooker combines the functionality of various kitchen appliances that makes it a good option for the point of view of space efficiency. It also helps to save a lot of money as it eliminates the need to invest in every dedicated cooking appliance. 

Here we are providing you with a buying guide along with some of the best multi cookers available in the australian market. 

List of Best Multi Cooker in Australia



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Instant Pot Duo Nova Electric Multi-Use Cooker
Philips Viva Collection Multi Cooker 
CrockPot Express Cook Multi-Cooker
Breville The Fast Slow Pro Multi Cooker
MasterPro MP Multicook 12-in-1 Multi Cooker

Instant Pot Duo Nova Electric Multi-Use Cooker


  • Smart auto cook programs
  • Three layer Stainless Steel
  • LCD screen
  • Seven in one unit 
  • 5.7 L capacity
  • Overheat protection
  • Safety lock

If you are looking for a multi cooker with large capacity then this one’s for you. It has 5.7 L capacity which is more than enough for 6 people. 

It features a fingerprint resistant brushed stainless steel body and the lid of the unit is specially designed to make it easy to use for both right as well as left handed people. 

This multi-cooker can be used as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, steamer, boiler, saute cooker, warmer, and more. It can also make desserts such as yogurt and cakes. 

It has a touch control panel with a LED screen. It offers you 14 built-in smart programs for easy and quick operation. 

The LCD screen on the unit shows you temperature, time, keep keep warm, and sound options. 

It has high pressure settings that makes it 70% quicker than its previous model. 

All the parts of the cooker which come in contact with food are of food grade quality that eliminates the chance of latching of any toxic element into your food. 

This multi-cooker comes in three different capacities 3 L, 5 L and 8 L. On the basis of your personal requirement you can pick the best suite variant. 

Positive Points

  • High pressure cooker 
  • 10 layer safety mechanism 
  • Food grade material
  • Several built-in programs
  • Easy to use 
  • Different capacity variants 

Negative Points

  • Manual release of the steam pressure could get messy

Philips Viva Collection Multi Cooker 


  • Seven pressure cooking modes 
  • Keep warm functionality
  • Reheat 
  • Nine Safety protection syste
  • Anti-scratch pot
  • Multi cooker programmes

This multi cooker is very easy to operate, you don’t have to be an expert cook to use it. You can use this unit every day for sauteing, steaming, cooking stew. 

The 6 L capacity of this multi cooker is enough for a large family. This unit has an easy to operate user-friendly touch sensitive controls pad. 

It comes with some pre-set programs such as stew, yogurt, ricem soup, steam, meat/poultry and bake for easy and quick operation. 

It has 9 safety protection systems that help to ensure the safety of the user. 

The ProCeramic+ coating on the unit makes it an anti-scratch pot. The LED screen on the unit shows you clear reading of various functions. 

The temperature and pressure setting of Philips Viva is really impressive. You selected from the 7 pressure cooking modes for making delicious dishes.

The detachable inner lid of the cooker makes it easier to clean. Moreover, it comes with an automatic keep warm feature that helps to keep your food warm for upto 12 hours.

Positive Points

  • Large capacity
  • Comes with
  • 7 pressure settings
  • 9 Safety protection
  • Multi cook programs
  • Anti-scratch body
  • Easy to clean

Negative Points

  • Takes up a lot of counter space

CrockPot Express Cook Multi-Cooker


  • Seven fast cook settings
  • Air tight lid 
  • Durable built quality
  • LCD screen 
  • Touch interface
  • Stainless steel triple cald base 
  • Food grade stainless steel construction

This is another high quality stainless steel multi cooker which comes with all the required features and functionalities that should be there in a good multi cooker. 

It has an easy to use touch interface and also a small LCD screen. It comes with 7 fast cook settings for making different types of healthy meals at home with just a simple touch of a button. 

The built quality of the uniti highly durable. It is made from food grade stainless steel that makes it long lasting as well as safe to cook multi-cooker. 

Using this multi-cooker you can saute, boil, steam, and do the function of a pressure cooker, yogurt marker and more. 

The lid of the cooker is well designed to provide you with an air-tight seal. 

Positive Points

  • Durable 
  • Keep warm 
  • Air tight lid 
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use control panel 
  • Small LCD screen

Negative Points

  • Few features

Breville The Fast Slow Pro Multi Cooker


  • Hand free steam release 
  • Large LCD screen
  • 8 pressure levels 
  • Precise pressure control
  • Three way safety system 
  • 6 L removable cooking bowl
  • Different accessories included 

Breville The Fast Slow Pro Multicooker is a trusted appliance from the well known brands for preparing delicious dishes at home. 

It comes with a large capacity of 6 litre. The cooking bowl is removable that makes Breville The Fast Slow Pro easy to clean multicooker .  The cooking bowl has ceramic coating that helps to prevent sticking and enhances the durability. 

It has 3 way safety protection to ensure the safety of the user. The front panel of the unit has various control panels using which you can control the operation of this multi cooker. 

The Large LCD screen shows the selected setting of the appliance. 

In case of this appliance, it does not require the endless stirring and pan watching. Just put the required ingredients, select the settings and it’ll provide you delicious hot food. 

It comes with various accessories such as a stainless steel basket, stainless steel rack, and an appliance science recipe book.

Positive Points

  • Easy to use
  • Large screen 
  • Large capacity
  • Different cooking functions
  • Durable built quality

Negative Points

  • Pressure building can take a while

MasterPro MP Multicook 12-in-1 Multi Cooker


  • Six cooking functions 
  • Fully adjustable temperature
  • Keep warm 
  • 6 litre capacity
  • Six pressure cook function

MasterPro Multi Cook is a saviour for you if you are tired of eating microwaved food. 

It is made from the three ply food grade stainless steel, the feature packed multi cooker guarantees serving of fresh and hot food. 

It has 6 litre capacity which is more than enough for a family of five to six members. 

This is a versatile cooker that can replace 12 appliances with its multifunctional cooking options. It comes with six cooking functions as well as six pressure cook functions. 

It has a warm function that can keep your food warm for up to 8 hours. 

The touch controls pad of the cooker is fingerprint resistant and the decent sized display shows you timing and temperatures. 

The high-pressure setting of the cooker cuts the cooking time by 70% making it a quick and efficient appliance. 

It comes with 12 built-in programs to choose from for convenient and easy cooking. 

Positive Points

  • Suitable for family of five to six members 
  • Countdown timer 
  • Keep warm setting
  • Adjustable temperature
  • 12 in 1 appliance

Negative Points

  • You may need time to get used to the controls 

Russell Hobbs RHpC1000 Electric Multi Cooker 


  • Three level pressure cooking 
  • 6 Litre capacity
  • 10 built-in cooking programs
  • Non-stick cooking bowl

This is an easy to operate multi cooker for the well reputed brand “Russelll Hobbs” in the kitchen appliances market.

This multi functional appliance is one of the best multi cookers for producing consistent results for whatever you prepare. 

The digital display on the cooker shows time and temperature. It comes with three level pressure settings that allows you to choose how fast you want to cook. 

Along with the cooker it comes with some accessories such as trivet for steaming, a serving spoon, and a measuring cup. 

You can set up to 12 hours of cooking timer. It also has keep warm feature to keep you dish kept for a long duration. 

The 6 litre capacity of cooker offers you one pot cooking. It helps to reduce the cleaning work.

Positive Points

  • Precise time and temperature controls 
  • Multiple cooking functions 
  • Durable built quality
  • Easy to operate 
  • Large capacity

Negative Points

  • Small handles

Tefal Fat & Delicious Multi Cooker


  • One touch cooking 
  • 25 cooking programs 
  • Three pressure cooking settings
  • Automatic keep warm feature
  • Non-stcik inner pot

Tefal Fat and Delicious Mulit Cooker comes with a roomy interior with a 6 liter bowl capacity. The cooker is a perfect pick for feeding a family for six members. 

It has one touch button interface. There are different buttons for pre-set options. 

The built quality of the machine is highly durable as it’s made from the durable and reliable material.

The 25 programs and 3 pressure settings offer quick and easy operation. 

It comes with an automatic keep warm feature that helps to keep the food warm for up to 24 hours. 

The ceramic non-stick coating inside the pot makes cooking and cleaning a breeze. 

Positive Points

  • Gorgeous exterior with bright controls panel 
  • Large 6 litre capacity
  • Built-in cooking programs
  • Very simple to use 
  • Automatic keep warm 

Negative Points

  • Bit heavier model

Multi Cooker Buyers Guide

These are the main features/factors that need to be considered while buying a multi-cooker. It’s must to consider these factors in order to check whether a multi-cooker is best suited for you needs or not. 

Let’s have a look at each factor one by one. 


Capacity of the multi-cooker is one of the main factors that needs to be considered while purchasing a multi-cooker. 

The capacity of a cooker should be decided on the basis of – For how many people you need to cook for.

For a family of five to six members 6 l multi cookers is an ideal option. 

Cooking Methods and Programs

It is important to check the number of cooking methods and programs supported by a multi cooker. 

Multi cookers come with different advanced cooking programs such as steam, saute, yogurt, oatmeal, bake, slow cook, simmer and more. 

It is obvious that the more the number of cooking meetings and programs higher the price will be. 

Temperature and Pressure Controls

Most of the multi cookers come with pre-set temperature and pressure controls mainly low, medium and high. They help to make the selection process easy and quick. But, uif you want to have complete control over temperature and pressure then you should go with such models that offer you complete control over. 

If you want such functionality then Breville The Fast Slow Pro Multi Cooker is a good option for you. 

FAQs About Multi Cookers 

Can I slow cook in a multi cooker? 

You can with the model that comes with a slow cooker cooking method. Multicooker is a versatile kitchen appliance that can perform the function of many different kitchen appliances. 

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