Best PVR Australia in 2021 {Reviews}

While personal Video recorders ( PVRs) are shrinking the market, there is still a high demand, especially for people with poor internet connections and limited access to cable TV.

In such a situation you ideally need to access Free-to-air channels that are accessed by an antenna and a set-top box- one which, like these devices, gives you the ability to easily see what’s on, record TV in a single button press, pause live TV, watch one channel while recording another and schedule recordings. 

There are a lot of models available in the market that makes it difficult to choose one from them. 

But, in order to make your choice simpler and easier, here we have listed 5 best PVRs in Australia. If you’re short of time then you can have a look at the table below. 

List of Best PVR Australia 



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PanaSonic DMR-BWT460GN 3D Blu-ray
Humax high Definition Personal Video Record HMS 9 1000T
AverMedia ER130 EzRecorder
Humax 7510T High Definition Personal Video Recorder
Strong SRT5434 HD Digital Set Top Box PVR Ready 

PanaSonic DMR-BWT460GN 3D Blu-ray


  • Twin HD tuner 
  • Advanced Blu-ray Disc/DVD 
  • External HDD playback
  • Record content via AV input
  • Triple 1sec easy operation
  • TV series recording

This Panasonic device comes with the built-in Blu-ray player and allows you to record content onto optical discs too. 

You won’t believe how much content you can record and store with this unit. The Twin HD Tuner lets you record two different programs broadcasting at the same time. 

The built-in, large capacity of 500GB Hard Disk in this unit allows you to record five times more content than the ordinary DR (Direct Record) mode. 

With the initial set-up all it performs a channel scan and all the channels get laid out sensibly with duplicates being automatically removed. 

You do not need an internet connection to access TV listing and if you want to set a manual timer to record old-school VHS style then it can also be done with this device. 

You can also record programs by just entering the keywords. 

Moreover, this device can also play content from SD cards and USB drives. 

This unit is also DLNA certified, which means you can access and playback content on your home network too. 

The remote controls of the unit have highly responsive large buttons.

At the front you get a disk drive, SD card slot and regular USB port. At the rear there is a HDMI, Coaxial S/PDIF, RCA connectors, Ethernet ( also has built-in wi-fi ) plus  RF in and out. 

Humax high Definition Personal Video Record HMS 9 1000T


  • Four built-in tuner 
  • Advanced recording button via internet connection
  • Included WLAN stick
  • 1 terabyte hard disk
  • Two USB ports
  • One ethernet port
  • One HDMI port

HUMax 4Tune comes with a wide range of features that are easy to use. This device has been modified to support all the needs of Australia from access to it local networks both through your antenna and the internet plus it’s also a Freeview compatible device. 

One of the best features of this decisive is that it is equipped with the 4 tuner that allows you to record four different networks at the same time. 

Moreover, Humax has expanded this feature by allowing the user to also stream to mobile devices on your home network plus watch a recording, all while it’s recording four other channels. 

It comes with 1 terabyte of hard drive with the option of replacing the drive plus usual PVR features like pause/rewind live TV, the electronic program guide and the ability to record your favourite TV series and HMS-1000T definitely ticks all the right boxes. 

One of the other amazing features of this device is that it allows you to connect external devices ínto the product in order to access additional multimedia content that is great for attempting to keep everything in one accessible bundle.

When it comes to the design of this product it has a touch sensitive power button on the right and a control dial in the middle for additional user functionality for volume and channel change. 

At the reat it has two USB ports, one ethernet port and one HDMI port. 

The enthralling of this device is pretty simple and less time consuming. It only takes around 10 minutes that includes downloading the latest firmware plus searching for channels. 

AverMedia ER130 EzRecorder 


  • HDMI port 
  • USB hard drive with NTFS file format 
  • Snapshot for favorite moments 
  • Schedule prime time 
  • Capture 1080p 30fps HD video
  • Easy schedule recordings

The AverMedia EzRecorder 310 DVR can record your favorite TV shows and movies from many diverse sources onto a hard drive. 

It comes with only one tuner that lets you record from only one network. 

This drive does not come with an internal hard drive, you have to use your own external hard drive. This functionality allows you to have desired storage capacity according to your need. The external drive must be at least 500Gd but not more than 2 terabyte.

This drive allows you to skip commercials in recorded and schedule a recording for a single or recurring show. 

This unit can capture content from three sources – cable channels, over the air channels, and streaming media. 

One of the frustrating things about this device is that it automatically prevents the downloads of certain content if it detects you’re using a splitter or recoing something you shouldn’t be.

One of the great features is that it lets you trim or edit any video you record directly from the interface.  This functionality is really helpful if you want to remove commercials or unwanted scenes so you never see them when you rewatch the video in the future. 

Humax 7510T High Definition Personal Video Recorder 


  • High definition
  • IceTV enabled 
  • Series of recording 
  • Easy to operate 
  • Good design 

This is a pretty sleek looking device that comes in black color. It features an amazing colour ring around a metallic finish in the centre of the unit when it’s switched on. 

The device provides you a smooth, consistent, and flawless experience. 

This is a dual channel unit which means you can watch one channel along with recording another one. 

The only drawback of this device is that it supports high definition quality but it does not come with the HD cable to make it so. Therefore, if you want to record in HD then you have to purchase a HD cable along with this unit. 

If you are one of those people who don’t always get home in time to watch your favourite show then this is a great unit for you as you can series-link the programs and it will record every time ready to be watched when you arrive. 

Strong SRT5434 HD Digital Set Top Box PVR Ready 


  • Schedule recording 
  • Timeshift feature 
  • Playback a recorded file 
  • Electronic program Guide
  • One USB port
  • One HDMI port

Strong SRT5434 HD Digital Set Top Box PVR Ready is compact and easy to use device. 

The power button of the device can be used to switch between operation and satandy modes. It also has a small display that shows you channel information and in standby mode it shows you local time. There is also a single USB 2.0 host port at the font. 

The setup of this device is very simple and straightforward. The installation guide menu will appear on your TV screen then you need to select ‘On ’ power antenna if you’re using an active antenna. Then press ‘OK’ to start to do channel searching. 

It features an Electronic programming guide that shows you the program listing for each channel for the following 7 days. 

It has an auto search feature that will automatically search for channels and save them once the scanning is complete and all the previous saved channels and settings will be deleted.

Whereas, the manual search feature allows you to scan new channels without deleting previously saved channels and settings. 

This unit supports up to 1TB of external hard drive in NTFS or Fat32 Format. 

PVR Buying Guide

Storage Capacity

When it comes to the storage capacity everyone wants to have large storage to meet the needs of the whole family. 

Generally you can record up to 2500 hours of content per terabyte. The maximum storage capacity of most models is up to 2 terabyte. 

So if you purchase a model with 2 terabyte storage then you’ll be able to store up to 5000 hours of content. 

Some of the models do not come with internal hard drives, which support external hard drives. That becomes more convenient from a storage point of view as you can have storage as per requirement. 


The old models of PVRs only allow you to record whatever you’re watching at that time. But the newer models of the PVR comes with at least dual tuners that allow you to record multiple shows at the same time. 

More the number of tuners, the more number of shows you can record at the same time. 

Series of recording

 The series recording feature of PVR allows you to record the same show over multiple weeks. This is a very useful feature that allows you to have recordings of the whole season of a show. 

Time shifting

 Time shifting is an awesome feature that allows you to pause and resume live televisions at your leisure. 

It happens a lot of times that in the middle of a show you get a phone call or have to do something else. This is where time shifting comes in handy, it allows you to resume the show right where you left. 

Time shifting proves to be very helpful as it allows you to bypass commercials. After hitting record, wait a few minutes and begin watching. When the first commercial break begins, just fit the fast forward. 

PVR Networking 

PVR networking is a high end feature that allows you to access your TV shows on any device and can be watched when you want. 

Some PVRs support connectivity with your laptop, tablet and even mobile devices. 

Remote Recording 

This is a very unique feature. This feature provides you the ability to curate and start recording remotely is a big advantage. This functionality lets you record from any mobile device connected to the internet. 

Final Words 

We have reached the very end of our best PVR in Australia article. I hope you liked it and found it useful. 

There’s so much great TV content each week, but with our busy lives, it’s not always possible to watch shows when they air. Thankfully, with the help of PVR ( Personal Video Recorder ), you don’t have to miss out on beloved shows. 

This is a highly useful device as it allows you to store hours of high-quality recording of your favorite shows that you can access at any time.