Best Sofa Bed Australia in 2021 {Updated}

Are you looking for the best sofa bed in Australia ? 

Planning to buy a sofa set for your home have a look at our top picks. We have done full research on sofa beds for you so that you don’t have to look at different platforms to get the required information about the sofa. 

With the medium of this article, we are going to tell you about the benefit of owning a sofa bed, the type of sofa bed, things to consider while buying a sofa bed, and our top recommendation for you. 

List of Best Sofa Bed Australia

Intex Pull-out Sofa Inflatable Bed


  • Two quick inflation and deflation valves 
  • Built with high quality vinyl
  • Portable 
  • Lightweight 
  • Comfortable to sleep for two people
  • Pump not included

Well, this sofa bed is a perfect choice for those who keep on travelling. This one is an inflated one. 

You can easily inflate it and use it as a sofa or bed when needed and easy storage. You can deflate it using the electric pump. 

This sofa bed is comfortable for three people. They can easily sit on it without worrying about the aoce as it is very spacious and two people can sleep by converting it into bed. 

When it comes to the tenbuilt quality of this product it’s made with high quality vinyl. 

It comes with the two quick inflation and deflation valves that make it easier to inhale and delete within minutes. 

Artiss Sofa bed Adjustable 3 Seater Couch


  • Three adjustable back rest position
  • Solid wooden construction
  • Built-in cup holder
  • Made of Faux linen fabric
  • Features premium sponge pad for comfort
  • Two detabchalbe armrest pillows

This is a beautifully designed three seater sofa which has broader seating capacity. 

The fabric is of premium quality and provides superb comfort. It is made from solid wood and features a robot frame. 

The foam you sit and sleep on is firm and comfortable.

This sofa can be easily converted into a comfortable double bed with the removable armrest cushions acting as pillows . 

One of the best features of this product as a sofa is that the backrest can be adjusted to three settings for your better comfortable experience.

Moreover, it also features two cup holders so that allows you to place your cup while watching tv. 

Artiss Fabric Lounge Sofa Bed


  • Solid wood frame 
  • Breathable faux linen fabric with extra thick 
  • THree seater sofa 
  • Two bonus bolster 
  • Sleek design 
  • Tufte design 
  • Extra thick seat cushioning
  • Anti-slip foot pads 
  • Metal hinges 
  • Three adjustable backrest positions

Artiss is very well known for producing comfortable furniture. This Artiss Fabric Lounge Sofa Bed has a sturdy design and comfortable cushioning. 

It is built with the high quality solid wood in order to ensure the durability and sturdiness of the furniture. 

It features breathable faux linen fabric with extra thick cushioning for comfortable seating and selling experience. 

THe backrest of the sofa cne be adjusted into three positions depending on your personal preference and comfort. 

It has solid rubber wood legs in order to ensure the stability of the unit. 

Well, this sofa is a perfect choice for those who have little space in their home and want to purchase a durable and comfortable sofa bed. 

Giselle Bedding Folding Foam Mattress Sofa Bed


  • High density foam for comfort 
  • Foldable design 
  • Spacious and wide 
  • Zippered cover 
  • Anti-wearing linen fabric 
  • Washable removable cover

This is a  quality sofa bed which will enhance the aesthetic beauty of your living room. 

Well, this is a folding mattress and the material used inside it is high density foam. The high density foam provides you high reliance, long lasting service, highly breathable and ani-bacterial functionality. 

This sofa bed provides a comfortable and sound sleep]. The product is delivered in the pre-assembled state and hence, it requires no assembly. 

It features anti-wearing linen fabric that ensures the durability and long term service of this product. 

It comes with the zipped cover that can be easily removed for easy cleaning and maintenance. 

Tidyard Sectional Sofa Bed


  • High quality artificial leather
  • Thickly padded 
  • Chrome plated iron  feet
  • Easy assembly
  • Three pillows 
  • Three cushions
  • Wide seat

This is a L-shaped sofa bed that looks amazing in the living room.

The contemporary style and modern design of this product enhances the beauty of the house. 

The solid wooden frame makes it a strong and durable sofa bed. It is highly padded, easy to clean and maintain. 

It features high quality artificial leather upholstery that makes it amazing. It also features chrome plated iron feets. 

When it comes to the number of other items included with the main sofa bed, it comes with three pillows and three cushions. 

It’s on the more expensive side. But, it can not be ignored that this is a great quality piece of furniture that’s worth the investment. 

Benefit of Having a Sofa Bed

Space Efficient 

One of the main advantages of sofa beds is that it is space efficient furniture. If you live in a small house or an apartment, then it is highly recommended to go with a Sofa bed rather than buying both dedicated furniture. 

It will provide you ample space even in your small house or apartment. 

Sleeping Arrangement For Guests

Most of the apartments have enough space for only one family and when guests arrive then it becomes a problem if there’s no sleeping arrangement for the guests. In this situation sofa bed comes in handy. 

When you don’t have any guests then keep it as a sofa and when the guest arrives convert it into bed for their comfortable selling experience of your guests.  

Easy and Hassle Transformation

The sofa beds are designed in such a way that they do not feel problematic when transforming it from sofa to bed and vise-versa. 

The sofa beds are lightweight and smooth joint easy conversion. 

Types of Sofa Beds 

There are different type of sofa beds available in the market. The only difference between them is that they use different transformation mechanisms. 


This type of sofa bed features a metal or wooden frame. This is one of the simplest one that usually consist of a solitary cushion over a wooden or metal frame.

Pull Out Sofa Bed

As the name suggests in this type of sofa bed, the bed I’d pulled out from the center and is flipped forward. The bed frame snaps into the place, and the pairs of legs automatically come down to support the mattress. 

 Sleeper Sofa Bed

This type of sofa bed is very much similar to the futon but it’s without hinge. They feature a removable back support, that leads to a flat sleeping space. 

Drawer Sofa Bed

The mechanism of this type of safe bed is just like a drawer> As you pull out a drawer similarly you pull out the couch under the sofa. The bed pulls and the legs are folded out. 

Electronic Sofa Bed

As the name suggests, this type of sofa bed transformation takes place electronically. This is a very good option for those who want to have a sofa bed and they have back problems. 

This type of sofa does not put any kind of pressure on you back for transforming as it works electronically. You only have to press a button,  rest of the work it performs on its own. 

Things to Consider While Buying A Sofa Bed

There are some factors that you need to consider in order to check whether a sofa bed is the best suited pick for you or not. 

Let’s have a look at each factor one by one.

Material and Construction

The material and construction of a sofa bed is going to determine its durability and lifespan. Some of the sofa beds are made from metal, hardwood, or a blend of metal and hardwood. 

The built quality of the product should be durable and strong enough to withstand the weight as it’s going to be transformed from sofa to bed and bed to sofa several times. If your sofa bed is not built with high quality material then there are high chances of wear and tear during the transition.  


Sofa beds come with different types of mattress such as spring coil, air coil, polyester fill or memory foam. You choose the one depending on your personal comfort.  

When it comes to the quality of mattress it mainly depends on the fabric used in it. Most commonly luxury upholstery such as leather velvet or other types of fabrics ( standard cotton oor basketweave are used in sofa beds. 

Size and Type

As most people purchase this versatile product due to its space saving functionality. Therefore, it’s important to check the size and type of sofa bed depending on the space in your apartment or house.  

Sofa beds come in different types such as futons, pull out, sleeper, drawer, and electric. YOu should pick depending upon your personal requirement. 

Ease in operation

It’s important to check the ease of operation of the product. It should be easy to convert from sofa to bed and bed to sofa within minutes as it should not be stuck in between. 


It is very important to check the edges of the sofa bed because if edges aren’t strong, the body won’t be. 

You must make sure that edges should not be pointed as they can cause you injury or tear the mattress. 

FAQ’s About Sofa Bed

How do I clean my foam based sofa bed?

Just use wet cloth so that your sofa does not get dusty and its quality remains the same. It is strongly suggested to not to use any kind of detergent because it can affect the quality and look of your sofa bed.

Are inflatable sofa beds for long term use? 

Inflatable sofa beds can be a good option if you are looking for a portable sofa bed that you can take with you on camping . But when it comes to durability and long term use, they are not going to provide you as much long term service as a standard solid one can do. 
Inflatable sofa beds can get punctured however, it totally depends on how and where you are going to use it. 

Can I use my regular mattress on a sofa bed? 

It is not suggested to do so because the mattress that comes to the sofa beds are specially designed to be folded over and over. Firstly, the regular mattress might be folded only once or twice and if somehow you will be able to do more then there is a high chance of getting lumps in the mattress. It may also result in the irregular shape of the mattress

Is L-shaped Sofa bed a good buy?

Yes it is. It is good for a small living room and it also gives a modern look to your living room.

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