Best Sous Vide Machine in Australia

Immersion Sous vide machines are the best way to sous vide cooking as it allows you to cook food depending on your requirement. You can use the pot depending on your food quality. With the built-in thermometer, and timer you get control over your cooking. It allows you to cook food at a constant temperature which results in tastier food. 

Here, we have listed some of the best sous vide machines available in the Australian market. In order to help you in making the right choice we have also written an in depth buyers guide. 

List of Best Sous Vide Machine 



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AUCMA Sous Vide Precision Cooker
EuroChef SV120 Sous Vide Immersion Heater
Anova Culinary Sous Vide Machine
Inkbird WiFi Precision Cookers Sous Vide Machine

AUCMA Sous Vide Precision Cooker


  • Immersion type
  • Bright LED display
  • Touch screen
  • 1200 watt power
  • Solid clamp
  • Temperature range 25 degrees C to 95 degrees C
  • Timer range up to 99 hours
  • Water level monitor
  • IPX7 waterproofing

This immersion sous vide machine form the AUCMA brand is a highly recommended product due to simple to use and high performance. 

This machine is equipped with a 1200 watt power heating element. THis much heating power allows you to heat up 8 liters of water room room temperature to 60 degrees within 17 minutes. 

It features LED touch control that allows you to easily operate the machine and shows you the accurate temperature. 

The clamping mechanism of this immersion machine is very easy to use as it can be operated with a single hand. Moreover, the clamps are wide enough that it can work with almost any pit or bowl. 

EuroChef SV120 Sous Vide Immersion Heater


  • Touch screen control panel
  • POwerful and accurate 
  • Stainless steel clip
  • 800 watt power 
  • Timer range between 10 minutes to 72 hours

This EuroChef SV120 Sous Vide immersion Heater has a sleek and simple design but its smooth exterior hides a number of helpful features. 

One of the most notable features of this machine is the unique sleep clamp design. It is more durable and compatible with most of the cooking utensils. 

The touch control system of this machine is pretty simple and user friendly. 

It is equipped with 800 watt heating elements that provides better and more effective cooking. This machine comes with a built-in timer that you can set between 10 minutes to 52 hours. 

Anova Culinary 


  • Able to heat up 100L of water 
  • IPX – 7 rating 
  • Durable construction 
  • Stainless steel 
  • Sleek design 

This Anova Culinary Sous vide machine is a favorite among users. It features durable as well as sturdy construction. 

The LCD screen allows you to control the temperature settings and built-in 99 hours timer directly from the cooker. Alternatively, you can pair this machine with your android or Apple phone via bluetooth and control the temperature via the app. 

This machine has the ability to lock in the flavour and moisture of food. TIs machine has the capability to run for continuously 10,000 hours straight without shutting down. 

This machine offers you hassle free cooking. The only thing that you need to do is to attach the machine to the pot or container, fill the port with water, then add your food in the sealed bag and set the temperature and timer with different form the touch control or use your smartphone app. 

Inkbird WiFi Precision Cookers Sous Vide Machine


  • Wi-Fi control
  • LCD screen 
  • Max 99 hours 59 minutes timer
  • 1000Watts power 
  • Stainless steel design

Those who  are looking for an affordable sous vide machine this is a perfect choice. This immersion sous vide machine is equipped with 1000 watts heating element. 

Moreover, the 99 hours 59 minutes timer allows you to walk away after the immersion machine is started and come back when dinner is ready. 

This is a durable stainless steel machine that features IPX7 waterproofing. 

One of the best features of this machine is that it is equipped with the thermal immersion circulator that turns off the machine and alerts you when the water level goes under the minimum requirement. 

Benefits of Using a Sous Vide Machine

If you want to know the benefits of using a sous vide machine then here they are:

Consistent temperature cooking

The sous vide machine also allows you to cook your food at a consistent temperature which is not possible in case of traditional cooking. With the help of a sous vide machine you can cook the food evenly no matter whether it’s the center or the exterior. 

Tender Meat

With the help of a sous vide machine you can without any hassle transform a tough cut meat into a juicy and tender meat. This happens when you cook it for a longer period of time at a constant temperature.

Better flavour and taste

In case of sous vide cooking the food remains vacuum sealed therefore, there is no way of flour escape from food. All the flavour juice of the food remains between the bag that you can use for making amazing flavor rich sauce. 

Sous Vide Machine Buying Guide

While buying a sous vide machine there are a lot of factors that need to be considered in order to know which model is the best suited for your requirements. 

In today’s market the number of souc machines that are available to gime chef’s is greater than ever before. 

Availability of large numbers of machines in the market makes it much harder to pick one. That’s why here is our buying guide to help you out. 

Here we have listed some factors that you need to consider to check whether a model is best suited for you or not. 


First thing that you need to consider is to decide whether you need an immersion source wide machine or an all-in one water bath. 

The immersion sous vide machine is those machines which clamp onto any heat-safe container that you have at home like a large soup pot. 

This machine sits in the water and creates a hot tub effect with the heating and circulation elements. 

All-in-one water bath cookers have combined heating elements with the water pot. It almost looks like a cooker. 

In order to make a choice between these two types you need to consider their individual benefits. 

When it comes to cooking in large quality then an all-in-one bath cooker is the best choice. 

Considering the maintenance requirement, then again an all-in-one bat cooker is best suited because it requires no maintenance. 

Whereas in the case of an immersion machine as water is circulated through the cooking machine therefore it needs to be cleaned by disassembling.

But, when it comes to space efficient and easy to use functionality then immersion sous wide machines are the best suited. As they require less space this is the main reason for their being so popular. 

Heating Power 

The healing power of a sous vide machine is the next important factor that you need to consider as the heating power of the machine affects the maximum capacity and temperature range of your cooking. 

The heating power of an immersion sous vide machine mainly between 800 watt and 1200 watts. 

While the all in one water bath machine mainly comes with 1000 watt power or less. 

Max Cooking Capacity

It is important to check the maximum quantity that a sous vide machine can cook. 

If you have a big family then you need to choose that machine which can handle a larger volume of water. 

Temperature Range

The temperature range of a souze wisde machine is the main factor that determines at what maximum internal temperature you can cook food. On an average, most of the sous vide machines offer a maximum 194 degree Fahrenheit of temperature. 

Reliability and Accuracy

The accuracy and reliability of sous vide machine are measured in the increments you can set on your machine. The best sous vide machines are accurate to within 0.2 degrees F / 0.1 degree C. 

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FAQ’s About Sous Vide Machine

Does a Sous Vide Machine cook faster? 

No, it takes more time than other cooking methods but the main reason for using this method is that it allows you to cook food at a consistent temperature which leads to better tasting food. 

Can I Sous Vide Frozen meat? 

Yes, you can do it but it’ll take too much time than fresh meat. 

What bags can I use with a sous vide machine? 

You can use any sealed bag that has the ability to withstand your required cooking temperature. But, when it comes to the professional chef, theory always prefers vacuum-sealed gas as they remove the air space between the food and water. 

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