Best Steam Irons in Australia (Reviews)

There are a lot of different brands of steam irons in the market which offer different models of steam irons for many purposes such as travel, laundry, garment steaming, quilting, etc. 

It’s not an easy task to pick one best steam irons out of many. In order to make your choice easier Here we have reviewed 7 best steam irons on the market. 

List of Best Steam Irons in Australia



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Russell Hobbs Powersteam Ultra Steam Iron
Russell Hobbs Supreme Steam Traditional Iron
Morphy Richards Jet Steam Generator Iron
Philips Azur Steam Iron 
Tefal FV4040 Ultraglide Steam Iron

Russell Hobbs Powersteam Ultra Steam Iron


  • 3100 watt power
  • Self cleaning function
  • Steam control
  • Vertical steam function
  • Spray function
  • 3 m long cord
  • 350 ml water tank
  • Soft touch handle

If you are looking for high performance, modern and stylish looking steam iron then this unit is perfect for you.

The Russell Hobbs Powersteam Ultra is a powerful 3100 watt steam iron.  

It features a sleek design that looks great. It is equipped with the ceramic soleplate that not only increases glide smoothness but also delivers a perfect finish to the fabric. Moreover, it is suitable for all types of fabrics.

The soleplate design of the unit is highly efficient and innovative. It has a tapered tip and button groove. 

The tapered tip makes it easy to iron the hand to reach areas such as pleats and pockets. 

The button groove helps to remove wrinkles from the fabric around the buttons.

It has the power of 3100 watt that heats up the iron in no time.

It offers 45 g of continuous steam per minute, a water spray and a 210 g shot of steam for stubborn creases. 

It has a vertical steam function that allows you to remove wrinkles for hanging curtains. 

The automatic switch off function of the iron turns off the unit automatically when you forgot to turn it off. This is really a life saving and highly efficient feature. 

One amazing feature of this iron is the “Triple Action Self-Cleaning Function”. The iron has an anti-scale cartridge, that prevents the entry of insoluble salts. 

Overall, the Russell Hobbs Powersteam Ultra 3100 W makes ironing effortless and its clever button notches detailing with details simple. 

Russell Hobbs Supreme Steam Traditional Iron


  • Vertical steam function
  • Self cleaning function
  • 300 ml water tank
  • Soft touch comfortable handle
  • Anti-drip design
  • Stainless steel soleplate

This is another great pick from Ruseel Hobbs. It provides you with all the features which should be there in a value for money steam iron. 

It can produce 40 g of steam consistently that ensures that you’ll be able to handle a wide variety of fabrics. 

In case of ironing heavy fabrics you can use the burst mode that generates 110 g of steam. 

Using this inron you can remove wrinkles for the curtains due to its vertical steam generation capability. 

The anti-calc design of the unit ensures that the steam holes are always clean and open. This helps to enhance the life span of the iron. 

The 300 ml water tank of the iron makes it suitable to meet the regular ironing requirement. The anti-drip design eliminates the chance of water leakage from the iron.

There is a dial control located under the handle to adjust the setting. The settings on the variable temperature control dial are all located with dots. These are universal symbols for fabric and appear on all clothing care labels. 

The Russell Hobbs Supreme Steam comes with four different operation modes that includes dry iron, steam iron, spray iron and burst iron. 

The soleplate of the iron is made of stainless steel that not only provides durability and sturdiness but also makes sure that it is going to last uninterrupted for a long period of time.  

Morphy Richards Jet Steam Generator Iron


  • Stainless steel soleplate 
  • 100g high level steam output
  • 1 litre detachable water tank
  • Replaceable anti-scale cartridge 
  • Soft grip handle
  • Water spray 

Morphy Richards make a full range of steam generating irons and this is one of their most selling steam generator iron. 

It is a well designed and durable steam iron that comes with a large water tank. The water tank measures 1 litre that means you do not have to refill as often as you have to do most of the other steam irons on the market. 

Moreover, the water tank is detachable that makes it easier for you to fill it. 

The Morphy Richards Jet Steamfeatures a stainless steel soleplate. Stainless steel is known for its durability and rust resistant functionality. It offers a smooth glide over the fabrics. 

Using the water spray and heavy duty steam you can easily remove hard to remove creases on any fabric. 

One of the handy features is that the cartridge of the unit is entirely replaced that makes it convenient to replace it easily if there is any problem. 

It has anti-calc that does not allow deposition of calcium. It further ensures that you do not have to worry about cleaning the steam iron with any special tools. 

This steam generator iron has three different steam settings and reaches a maximum continuous output of 100g/min.

The vertical steaming capability makes it convenient to steam and iron the curtains without removing them from their fixtures.

Philips Azur Steam Iron 


  • 2600 W power 
  • Quick calc release 
  • Steam boost up to 250 g
  • 300 ml water tank
  • Steamglide advanced soleplate

Philiphs is a well known household brand. The Philips Azur Steam Iron is a great steam generator iron that’s good value for money iron from a reputed brand. 

It weighs around 1.56 kg, heavy enough to put enough pressure on the clothes for excellent results. Moreover, the unit is also light enough not to cause arm fatigue. 

The black and the red color combination of the unit looks amazing and the overall design of the iron feels durable and comfortable. 

It has 2600 watts power that provides quick heating. The steamglide Advanced Soleplate offers better performance over any fabric. 

For safety, it comes with auto shut off features that turn off the unit if it’s left unused for some time. On its soleplate, it automatically switches off after 2 minutes and on its heels rest, after 8 minutes. 

It is equipped with the quick calcium release function that allows you to easily clean it for long lasting steam. 

The drip stop system of the unit helps to keep the fabric spotless while ironing as it prevents any leaking from the water tank. 

Tefal FV4040 Ultraglide Steam Iron


  • Durilium technology soleplate
  • Double anti-scale
  • Self clean function
  • 2400W power
  • 270 ml water tank
  • 3 m long cord

Tefal FV4040 is another great steam iron that has a sleek design, is comfortable and powerful and feature loaded. 

This is a highly affordable steam iron for those who need a reliable iron for basic ironing jobs. 

It comes with a power of rating of 2400 watts. It outputs 40 g steam per minute.  Steam helps to relax the fibres of the fabric and makes it easy to remove hard to remove wrinkles. 

The ultraglide diffusion soleplate of the Tefal FV4040 delivers better performance and easily removes wrinkles from the fabric. 

Moreover, the soleplate features an anti-scratch functionality that protects its smooth glide for long run. 

The 270 ml water tank capacity of this iron allows you to steam iron a number of clothes in one go without any need to refill the tank. 

Using this iron you can refresh your hanging garments. Curtains and coats with the vertical steaming function.

The cord is 3 m long that allows you to easily and comfortably use this machine. 

The wide base of iron minimizes the chances of accidentally knocking it off the ironing board. 

Overall, the Tefal FV4040 iron is easy to maintain and comfortable to use. 

Tower T22008 CeraGlide 2 in 1 Steam Iron


  • Cordless steam iron
  • 2400 watts power
  • Ceraglide performance 
  • Multi-layered ceramic soleplate
  • Anti-drip design
  • Anti-calc and self cleaning functionality

This cordless steam iron boasts 2-in-1 function, its heating base allows for both corded and uncorded use. 

The first thing that attracts me is the modern design of this steam iron. 

This is a 2400 watt steam iron that comes with a 360 ml water tank. It outputs a higher amount of steam (120 g per minute )than most steam irons in the market. It outputs an even bigger steam shot of 150 per minute that can be used for removing the stubborn wrinkles. 

The spray nozzle can be used to soften clothes – it aids in effective ironing. The water reservoir of the unit can be quickly filled using the water cup provided with it. 

The multi layered ceramic soleplate  glides over all fabrics to gently iron out wrinkles with minimal effort needed. 

It has all the traditional steam iron settings that make it easy to operate. This steam iron requires less maintenance due to the self cleaning, anti calc and anti drip functionality. 

The precision steaming function of the iron can be used to iron curtains and drapes quickly. 

Morphy Richards Steam Iron


  • Tri-zone technology
  • Pearl Ceramic soleplate
  • 3100 watts of power
  • 400ml water tank
  • Dual temperature controls 
  • Vertical steam functionality
  • Safety auto-shut off

The Morphy Richards Steam Iron is an amazing steam iron which performs well when it comes to eliminating the stubborn creases on cotton and polycotton. 

It has two different temperature modes to choose from. The higher one is suitable for thicker fabrics and the other can be used for thinner and gentle fabrics. 

Moreover, it also has two different steam mods. The constant steam mode outputs 55 g of steam per minute and the boost mode generates around 200 g of steam. 

The soleplate of the iron is made from the ceramic material. Ceramic material makes it highly durable, there is no need to worry about scratches, chipping and other such problems.

The 400 ml water makes this steam iron suitable for ironing  quite a few clothes. You will not have to refill it after ironing a couple of clothes. 

Steam Irons Buying Guide


Having a branded item does not always mean it’s going to be best suited for your needs. Every product is designed to fulfill some needs so makes you check whether it fulfills your’s or not. 

But, going for a branded item always gives some peace of mind because a big band name gives some reliability. 


The power of an iron is measured in wattage. Therefore it comes important to check it before buying a unit.

Wattage of an iron decides how quickly the soleplate will heat up. Higher wattage minimizes the waiting time period and quick strata generate steam. 

Steam Output

Steam output is the next factor that needs to be considered while buying a steam output. It is better to go with a unit that produces at least 30 g of steam per minute. 

You should also use the method of releasing steam. In case of some irons you have to keep a button pressed to release the steam. Some come with a lever that allows you to select between steam ironing. 

If iron a lot of clothes then it’s highly suggested to go with one that generates continuous steam. 

Water tank Size

The size of the water tank matters a lot for conveniently ironing the garments. Water tank size should be decided on the basis of the number of clothes you have to iron. 

If the water tank is too small then you have to go through the hassle of refilling it again and again. Therefore, you select the tank size as per your requirements. 


The controls of the iro should be easy to use and should be located at the right location. It’s better to go for an iron that offers you boht temperature as well as steam control. 

Automatic turn-off

This feature allows the iron to cut out power automatically after a period of inactivity reducing the chances of fires. 

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