Best Stick Blender Australia – Reviews

Stick blenders are also known as handheld or immersion blenders. They are the most convenient appliance for blending or pureeing ingredients right inside a bowl or even in a hot pot on the stove. 

Hand blenders are an essential part of the kitchen, food, courts, and restaurants etc for making different types of food within a few minutes. 

One of the best things is that they are handy to use and acquire very less space. 

Most of the hand blenders feature a portable design that allows you to take them anywhere you travel. 

Hand blenders prove to be useful for blending large amounts of liquid rather than using the other blenders where you need to do blending in batches, which need you to pour the blended liquid into another container. 

Whereas,, in the case of a handheld blender you do not have to go through the hassle of pouring from one pot to another. 

In this article you will get to know about the top 7 best stick blenders in Australia. There is also a buying guide to help you to choose the best unit for you depending on your personal requirements. 

List of Best Stick Blender

Cuisinart CSB-400CD Cordless and Rechargeable Smart Stick Blender


  • Power lock and unlock feature
  • Cordless 
  • Rechargeable
  • 20 minutes of run time
  • Blade guard
  • 5-speed settings
  • Power handle with stainless steel deco plate

Portability makes this electric stick blender one of the best stick blenders in australia. It is designed by one of the well known brands called Cuisinart. 

As said before, it is a stick blender that is movable from one place to another with the cordless feature. 

The 5 speed option allows you to blend the food with five different speeds by enabling the speed and power switch on the handle of the blender. 

It features an easy and comfortable grip that allows you to operate this machine with a single hand. 

This is a rechargeable blender that provides you 20 minutes of run time. 

Bamix Professional G200-200 Watt Hand Blender


  • Stainless steel blades
  • 200 watt motor
  • 2 speeds
  • Push button control 
  • PA6 safety rated nylon body
  • Open head design 
  • 4 interchangeable blades

Though it is a Switzerland based company it has many trusted customers in the Australis because electrical appliances offered by this company are manufactured with top quality material for the best durability and high end performance. 

The power wattage of 250 watts is powerful enough to blend the food with no time. It has a simple and easy grip over the handle. It features push button control for continuous or pulse action. 

There is no chance for damage like rusting as the rod of the blender is chromated brass which is also high heat resistant. 

It comes with the 4 stainless steel interchangeable blades ( Aerating blades, Blending blade, Chopping blade, and slicing blade ).

Sleek and efficient, the Bamix professional hand blader is a powerful instrument and an ideal kitchen companion for you. You can use this machine to make batter, whip cream or beat eggs in a matter of minutes without messing up your kitchen. 

Blaned tasty smoothies and shakes with this easy to use blender that makes everyday food preparation fun. 

It features a lightweight design, this unit is crafted in elegant color black and grey. 

Breville The Control Stick Blender


  • Bell shaped base
  • Amazing design 
  • 15 settings 
  • Non-scratch blade
  • Ergonomic trigger
  • Soft touch grip 
  • Anti suction blending 

Breville Control Stick Handle helps you to get away from the toughest cooking tasks and makes kneading, mixing, whisking, beating and other cooking tasks easy and efficient. 

With the help of this machine you can prepare your favourite smoothies at the convenience of your home. 

It features stylish design and color. The powerful motor with different settings provides you better performance. 

It comes with a soft touch grip that prevents slipping of the unit. 

This blender provides wonderful smooth results for soups, purees, and shapes. 

The detachable whisk can be used for both the blender and chopper. 

Sunbeam SM7400 StickMaster Plus


  • Horizontal slicing blades 
  • Vertical stabbing blades
  • Lightweight 
  • Slim profile 
  • Comes with 1.5 L beaker 
  • Whisk and 750 ml chopper

Have a loot at this beautiful great product from the Sunbeam brand. Sunbeam SM7400 hand blender with a powerful 250 watt motor to get multiple functions blending, mixing, chopping, whisking and pureeing. 

It comes with an ergonomic design that does not tire the hand while gripping the blender. The powerful motor functions seamlessly to chop veggies, make pures, and blend smoothies and shakes. 

It has solid builds that make it durable and long lasting. 

It comes with a sleek and compact design that makes it easy to hold. 

It has an easy control switch on the top of the unit.

The sharp stainless steel horizontal sliding blades and vertical stabbing blades of this unit work together to provide you ultimate performance. 

Healthy Choice Stick Mixer Set


  • Lightweight 
  • One touch control
  • 600ml chopper bowl 
  • 750 ml beaker 
  • Dishwasher safe removable parts
  • Multiple speed options
  • Comfortable grip handle 

The healthy choice Stick Mixer Set makes it easy to blend. The power motor of this unit gets the task done within a few seconds. The variable speed makes it easy and quick to chop, blend and puree ingredients while the stainless steel blades are sharp and efficient. 

The hand blader comes with a 600ml chopper bowl and 750ml beaker. The body and shaft are stainless. It features an ergonomic design that provides you a comfortable grip so that you do not feel tired while using this machine. 

With the help of this unit you can blend, mince, chop, whip, puree, froth chopper and whisk. 

Russell hobbs RHSM700 


  • Sleek design
  • 2 speed settings
  • Detachable leg 
  • Supports blending, whisking and chopping
  • Includes 700 ml mixing cup
  • 500 ml mini chopper bowl
  • Comes with a beaker

This Russell hobbs hand blender mixes fruits and vegetables inot tasty smoothies and makes the everyday food preparation easy and fun. 

It comes at an affordable price and suitable to use for all age groups of people and requirements. 

This amazing blender is crafted with the black and white color combinations and the lightweight design of this unit makes it easy and comfortable to use even for a little longer time period. 

In order to use this machine you need not to be a professional even a beginner can handle it easily. 

The super sharp stainless steel blades of this unit chops the ingredients quickly. 

This hand blender operates on the touch of a single button and is pretty easy to use. 

Scotech Hand Blender


  • 800 Watt motor
  • 2 speed options
  • Comes 700 ml slicer and shredder
  • 500 ml capacity of chopping bowl
  • Detachable parts makes ceiling easier
  • Slim ergonomic handle 

Scotech hand blenders keep you away from the tough cooking tasks like kneading, mixing, whisking, beating, and other cooking tasks effortlessly. 

THe powerful 800 watt motor of this unit instantly blends and crush your healthy ingredients in no time and turn them into the healthiest and the most delicious meals. 

This hand bladder has 2 blending speeds with a turbo activated sensor which adjusts and creates a perfect texture and consistency of your blended drinks and meals. 

The ergonomically designed rubberized handle of this machine provides you a comfortable grip. 

The blades of this hand blender are covered with the bell shaped stainless housing that keeps splashing of the content to a minimum to keep you and your kitchen spotless. 

The removal parts are BPA free and dishwasher that makes it easier for you to clear the device. 

Types of Blenders

Blenders can be categorized in two types: 

Handheld Blender 

It is also called an immersion blender. As you have to immerse the blade portion of the appliance into the container of the item to be blended. 

As they are used by holding in hand therefore they feature a lightweight design. 

Countertop blender

As the name suggests this type of blenders are placed on the counter top. They are more capable and provide better performance than hand blenders to get more power. Moreover they also weigh more than a hand blender. 

Stick Blender Buying Guide

The ability to pick the best Stick Blender comes only with the viable information. Here, I’m going to tell you about the features and factors that you should consider to make the right choice. 


The first and the foremost thing that you should consider while buying a stick blender is a motor fitted in the device. The efficiency of the motor determines the capability to puree the ingredients in a certain amount of time. 

An efficient motor has enough torque that leads to provide smooth puree without leaving any small chunks and strings intos smoothies or soups. 

Usually, motors used in hand blenders are rated in watts that indicate the power of a hand blender. 

Higher wattage means better performance. 

The basic models of hand blenders come with the 100-150 watt motor that provides decent pureeing and blending. 

If you need a hand blender for chopping raw carrots or frozen fruits then you should consider a unit with 200-250 watts motor. 

Whereas, if you want to crush ice then you need power and for that a unit with 500 watts motor will be suitable for you. 

Different Speed Options

Speed is one of the main features of a hand blender that will determine its performance. 

As some hard texture food ingredients such as carrots and radish required high speed to cut through.

Having different speed options provides you various benefits such as sometime you need slow speed to perform some delicate jobs such as whisking and emulsifications. 

Some hand blenders come with buttons and some with dial format in order to change the speed. You can pick the best suited format depending on your convenience. 

Comfortable grip

This is another great feature that you should consider while buying a hand blender. While using a blender you have to hold the blender with one hand and pot with another. 

Therefore it’s important to have a comfortable and strong grip over the unit 

Having a comfortable grip is not enough; you also need to make sure that the power and control buttons are located near the holding area for easy one hand operation. 

Corded or Cordless

You should also consider that where you are going to need a corded hand blender or a cordless hand blender. 

If power is your main consideration then you should go for a corded one as it provides more power but the only problem with that is it cannot be moved around in the house. 

You should choose a blender by keeping your kitchen space and power plus in mind. 

Shaft material 

Shaft material is one of the most important features in terms of durability and long term performance of a hand blender. Metal and plastic are the common materials used for blending shafts. 

Metal is more durable and stain resistant as compared to the plastic. 

It is recommended to go with a metal shaft as it is more durable and it stays clean and shiny even after several uses. 

Removable Blending Wand 

Some hand blenders come with a removable blending wand that makes it easier to clean and also prevents the risk of causing the motor to get wet. 

FAQ’s About Stick Blender

What can I use a hand blender for ? 

It can be used to perform various cooking activities such as stirring the cooktop with any liquid in it such as soup and beating eggs, making smoothies, whipped cleaner and a lot of other things.

Can a hand blender be able to crush ice? 

Yes, it can be used for crunch ice but it’s only possible with the high power models. If you want to have a long shelf life of your product then it is not recommended to use it for crushing ice as it can damage the blades as well as the motor. 

Is an immersion blender the same as a hand blender?

Yes, they both are the same. An immersion blender is just another name of the hand blender. 

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