Best Vacuum Sealer in Australia in 2021 – Reviews

Vacuum sealing of food helps to extend the shelf life of different food items. 

It is a process in which air is removed from the food package. The vacuum sealing cuts off the oxygen supply to prevent the growth of the mold and bacteria. 

This process also protects the food from getting dehydrated in the refrigerator. 

There are a lot of vacuum sealers available in the market but having a lot of options makes it difficult to choose one. 

In order to help you out and make your selection much easier here we have listed some best vacuum sealers with their detailed review.  We have also included a buyers guide and FAQ’s section after the products review. 

List of Best Vacuum Sealer in Australia 



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Toyuugo Vacuum Sealer
Mueller Austria Vacuum Sealer
KOIOS Vacuum Sealer
Geryon Vacuum Sealer
Food Saver VS4500

Toyuugo Vacuum Sealer


  • Fully automatic vacuum sealer
  • Five adjustable vacuum modes
  • High quality heating wire
  • 80 Kpa powerful pump

Toyuugo is an innovative vacuum sealer both in terms of design and capacity. 

This machine takes up less space in the kitchen due to its compact design. The sealing is of high quality and is as good as you’d expect from a machine for home use. 

The bags are emptier of air fast and effectively. This has five vacuum modes that allows you to pick the best suited mode depending upon the type of food you want to vacuum seal. It includes a drt, moist, vac, external vac and seal. 

It is equipped with high quality heating wire that provides you airtight seal with one touch. 

Along with the main machine you also get a lot of different other accessories such as bottle stoppers, a marinating canister and a jar attachment. 

Mueller Austria Vacuum Sealer


  • LIghtweight
  • Compact
  • Heat sealing
  • High power suction element
  • Stain resistant
  • Two modes
  • Soft touch digital buttons
  • LED indicators

The drive is very simple to use which allows you to create personalized bags within seconds. 

It comes with two different modes such as dry as well as moist, the unit is simple to switch. 

As a result, this is a perfect choice for most types of foods such as vegetables and soups. 

This vacuum sealer is equipped with a high power suction element and heat sealing system. 

This device is particularly for those who love to have a lot of food stock  in their home and find it tough to keep them fresh for an extended period. 

Moreover, if you produce fruits and vegetables in the garden then you love this device to preserve them for a long time. 

The built-in roll storage and cutter allows you to make custom bags for every type of goods.

The LED indicator located at the top of the machine guides you through the entire process. 

The control panel has soft touch buttons which allows you to easily operate this machine.

This vacuum cleaner comes with an air suction hose, five medium vacuum bags and one extra large vacuum bag. 

This vacuum sealer allows you to preserve food up to 5 times longer than zipper baggies. 

Nutrichef Vacuum Sealer 


  • Automatic air vacuuming system
  • Soft touch digital buttons 
  • LED light indicator
  • Two sealing modes
  • Comes with starter kit

NutriChef Vacuum Sealer is an excellent value for money machine which is easy to use and delivers good packing quality. 

One of the most amazing features of this vacuum sealer is that it is an ideal time saving solution. 

With the help of this drive you can easily well organize your fridge or freezer. 

The use of this machine is pretty simple as it has an automatic air vacuuming system and comes with a single mplug design.

The control panel of this device is located at the top of the machine that features soft touch buttons and LED indicators. 

The ease to operate control panel makes this device user-friendly so that anyone can use this awesome device. 

It comes with two different modes for sealing. It enables you to choose according to your preference. For vacuum sealing the dry food you can use the dry mode and for moist food you can use moist mode. 

By opting the required mode you can preserve your food for a very long time. 

Along with the vacuum sealing device a wine stopper cork, 5 medium vacuum bags and one extra vacuum bag roll. 

KOIOS Vacuum Sealer


  • Built-in cutter
  • 10 special bags
  • A pumping pipe
  • 40 Consecutive seals
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Soft-touch buttons
  • Dry and moist mode

This vacuum sealer comes with the KOIOS brand. It looks shining. Generally speaking this vacuum sealer is something more than just its appearance. 

If you’re trying to seal and preserve your food and you aren’t sure what the size of seal bag you should get, the KOIOS vacuum Sealer is a good choice for you. 

It comes with a cutter rather than an additional scissor. Its cutter will take extra space and be practical, so you can get your job done right away. 

In order to operate this machine you only need to lift the font latch, put the bag, close it down and you are good to go perform the process that you want. 

On the silver outside, the accents of black color have added more beauties to the unit with a modern and awesome look. 

The stylish metallic finish of this machine will fit with the most types of countertops. 

Moreover, the machine is easy to clean and its housing is scratch and fingerprint-resistant. 

The control panel has soft touch buttons which allows the user to operate the machine conveniently. 

Crenova VS100S Vacuum Sealer


  • Premium stainless steel construction
  • One touch operation
  • Comes with starter kit
  • Suitable for sealing all type of food

This good looking vacuum sealer comes with siler housing. The machine consists of two different modes dry mode and wet mode which allows you to choose them according to your preference depending on the type of food you wish to store and preserve. 

The vacuum sealer effectively enhances food life and makes sure to preserve every sort of nutrient inside making them absolutely healthy to eat. 

It comes with a user friendly design and has four digital touch buttons on top of it along with LED indicators making it absolutely easy for you to operate. 

The machine is relatively quick too. It sucks the air out and seals the bag swiftly. 

GERYON Vacuum Sealer


  • Multi-layer material heat seal
  • Built-in cutter
  • Soft touch button controls
  • LED light indicators
  • Two selectable vacuum modes
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes with starter kit

This is another great vacuum sealer which is equipped with automatic sealing operation and soft touch digital touch buttons. 

This machine comes with a full starter kit that means this is a ready to use machine. It comes with a suction hose, 5 heat seal bags, roll, and user manual. 

The LED light indicators on this machine offers a comprehensible experience for the users. 

This machine comes with a simple touch controls panel and two different modes which means it doesn’t matter if you’re packing moist or dry foods. 

Using this machine you can marinate ingredients with other stuff to make it tasty ready to eat food. 

This is very easy to operate a machine, firstly, you have to put the end of the bag into the vacuum chamber, then press lid and lock the bag into the place, select the correct mode and one it does press both side buttons to release the sealed bag. 

FoodSaver VS4500 Lock and Seal Vacuum Sealer


  • Equipped with patented vacuum sealing system
  • Comes with starter kit
  • One touch operation
  • Easy to clean

This FoodSaver VS4500 Vacuum Sealer provides you excellent packing quality and there are rarely air pockets left in the bags. 

Some of the vacuum sealers have problems with meat but this machine handles it easily. 

Using this machine you can pack freshly baked rolls without even getting them crushed. Which means they are going to stay soft for a longer duration. 

This device is also effective for speeding up the marinating process of meat and fish for the barbecue. 

This features a patented vacuum packing system that efficiently removes the air from the bags and makes a superior quality vacuum. 

There aren’t many buttons on the machine and you’ll quickly learn what they are. 

All the buttons are located at the top of the machine that makes it easier to use them. 

Cromify Vacuum Sealer Machine


  • Lightweight design
  • Safety lock design 
  • Dual Sealing modes 
  • One touch operation
  • Automatic vacuum air stealing
  • Built-in safe cutter
  • Compact size

This vacuum sealer boosts lightweight and compact design. It is a simple and efficient kitchen utensils perfect for home use or perhaps some other small scale users. 

 This vacuum sealer is equipped with the electromagnetic perm and pure copper core for better preservation of food. It is a great vacuum sealer, it has 80kpa vacuum capacity. 

It has dual sealing modes namely – dry and moist. You can use the desired mode as per your requirements. The dry sealing mode can be used for sealing the solid items. Whereas, moist mode can be used for poached, simmered or steamed food. 

The one touch operation of the unit makes it highly comfortable and easy to use. With the one touch of the seal button you can get the food vacuum in seconds (However, it also depends on the size of the bag). 

Using the outside vacuum system of the unit you can even vacuum seal the jars, containers and vine bottles. 

The sliding cutter on top of the unit allows you to get a customized bag quickly. 

It is equipped with a protection system in which if the temperature of the sealer heater is too high, the product will automatically enter the protection mode. 

FoodSaver VS0150 Vacuum Sealer


  • Dry and moist modes
  • Space efficient design
  • Easy to lock lid
  • Built-in bag alignment
  • Less bag waste
  • Easy to access vacuum port

Another amazing vacuum sealer form the most established brand in the market of food vacuum sealers. 

This vacuum sealer for FoodSaver has an user-friendly and easy to use control panel that gives you complete control over the vacuum sealing process. 

The design of the unit is pretty impressive and features a space efficient design that helps you to save you valuable in the kitchen countertop space. 

It comes with dry and moist mode that allows you to perfect seal no matter what type of food you’re sealing. 

The built-in bag alignment in the unit ensures the correct placement of food bags and makes the unit pretty convenient to use. 

The vacuum sealer seals the bags with 35 % less bag waste as compared to the previous model of the FoodSaver vacuum sealer. This functionality of the unit helps to get most out of your FoodSaver bags. 

FoodSaver V4840 Vacuum Sealer Machine


  • Automatic bag detection
  • Built-in roll storage
  • Airtight seal
  • Extra wide sealing strip
  • NRTL tested and certified product
  • Automatic moisture detection
  • Compatible with all pre made bag sizes
  • Retractable handheld sealer

The FoodSaver 4840 2 in 1 automatic vacuum sealer machine looks like a machine fallen straight out of a high-tech lab. The amazing design of FoodSaver 4840 incorporates a marinating mode for marinating food in minutes. 

It comes with a built-in convenient roll storage and bag cutter. It allows you to make customised appropriate size bags and roll storage offers a secure place for storing bag rolls. 

There is an integrated retractable handheld sealer compatible with the foodsaver bags, containers, storage and jars. Using this vacuum sealer you can extend the shelf life of different food items. 

The fully automatic one touch operation provides you a hand-free operation.

The removable drip tray of the unti catches the liquid spills and prevents it from causing a mess on your kitchen counter. 

There are different LED lights on the unit that allows you to keep track of the sealing process.

Types of Vacuum Sealer

There are three types of vacuum Sealernamely: Chamber Vacuum Sealer, External Vacuum Sealer, and Hand pump Vacuum Sealer.

Chamber Vacuum Sealers

The chamber vacuum sealers operate by placing the bag in a chamber inside the machine, and a robust extraction functionality will extract the air from inside the machine without doing anythign with content. This type of vacuum sealers use different technique thatconventional vacuum sealer. This vacuum selaer remove air form the chamber rather than form the bag itself. 

This type of vacuum sealer is considered best suited for sealing those bags which contain liquid content. 

External Vacuum Sealer

This type of vacuum sealers are much cheaper than the chamber vacuum sealers. Moreover, they are also compact in size. So if you are looking for a space-efficient unit then this type of vacuum sealer is best suited for you. All the vacuum sealers listed above are of this type. 

Hand Pump Vacuum Sealer

As this name suggests in this vacuum sealer you have to manually pump in order to remove the air. This type of vacuum sealer is cheaper than both of the other two types of vacuum sealers.

Vacuum Sealer Buying Guide

While buying a vacuum sealer there are certain features that need to be considered in order to make the best choice out of different options. 

Let’s have a look at each factor one by one. 


The size of a vacuum sealer matters as it is going to acquire some space in your kitchen. 

Check the dimension of a vacuum sealer machine before machin your choice. For convenience and ease operation go with a compact and lightweight design so that you can move it with ease. 


The built-quality of a vacuum sealer is the next important factor that you need to consider. Make sure your device is made from the durable stainless steel. Moreover, also check whether the material is of food-grade quality or not. 

Multi-function settings

Having a multifunctional vacuum sealer is a good option as it comes with a different preset functions such as air suction, seal only, half seal, auto full vacuum seal, and some other functionalities. 

This type of different functionality allows you to vacuum seal any food no matters whether it’s standard, soft, dry or moist food. 

It is very easy to vacuum seal liquid with a multifunctional vacuum sealer.

Ease of operation

For ease of operation it is suggested to go with a vacuum sealer that comes with one-touch control. 


For maintenance, the device that comes with stainless steel is much easier to clean. You can clean it easily by just whipping it with a wet cloth. 

FAQ’s About Food Vacuum Sealer

Does vacuum sealing preserve food? 

Yes, it does. The vacuum sealing helps to extend the life span of the food. It helps to preserve the food along with maintaining moisture level, freshness, and flavors. On average vacuum-sealed food lasts for around 1 – 2 weeks when refrigerated. 

What is the vacuum sealer used for?

A vacuum sealer seals the food items and prevents the growth of mold and bacteria by cutting off the oxygen supply. 

Can you vacuum seal liquid? 

Yes, you can do it. In order to do that, first, pour the liquid in the vacuum storage bag, then keep it upright in the freezer. Once the liquid gets frozen then vacuum seal it. If you try to vacuum seal liquid directly then it would be sucked into the machine.

How much time does the vacuum seal take to cool down? 

Some of the models offer immediate cooldown. Whereas some of the models may take 10 to 20 seconds. 

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