Greenworks 25322 G-MAX 40V 16″ Cordless Lawn Mower Review

An electric lawn mower is a great gardening tool to take care of your lawn. Lawn mowers are a long-term investment. There you should select the right one for your requirements. 

In order to provide convenience and enhance the portability of the machine cordless lawn mowers were introduced. 

They are a great option for some who don’t want to compromise when it comes to portability and ease of use. 

If you are looking at the Greenworks G-MAX 40V 16″ Cordless Lawn, then here is the in-depth review of the machine. Let’s start with an overview of the machine. 


Greenworks is a garden equipment company that has main specialisation in high quality electric tools. They make battery powered outdoor tools for DIY consumers and landscaping professionals. This Greenworks G-MAX 40V 16″ Cordless Lawn Mower is a great gardening tool. It helps to maintain your yard. 

This lawn mower of GreenWorks is designed with the main focus on high quality gardening electric devices. 

It is a 16-inch cordless lawn mower that features 6-inch front wheels and 7-inch rear wheels. They help the user to navigate the machine across the lawn. 

The cutting deck of the unit has five adjustable height settings. It comes with a bagger attachment that allows you to capture a lot of clippings. 

Greenworks G-MAX make cutting of your grass easier and less tiring 


  • 16 inch cutting deck 
  • 40V 4AH Li-ion battery 
  • Five position height adjustments 
  • 2 in 1 feature (Read bagging and mulching )
  • 6-inch front wheel and 7-inch rear wheel
  • Up to 7,000 Square feet on a single charge


The design of the machine looks pretty like all the other lawn mowers available on the market. When it comes to the built quality of the machine. 

The body of the machine is made of hard plastic. It comes with the 4 year warranty on personal use. The motor of the machine has a 10 years warranty from GreenWorks and the batteries come with ten years of life expectancy. 

One of the really great features of this lawn mower is that the lithium-ion battery provided with the machine is also compatible with up to 25 other electric power tools of the same brand. 

The Greenworks 25322 G-MAX is designed with a typical hand operated safety system. This is a safety feature. Moreover, it comes with a standard catch basket. 


It is considered as one of the quietest and lightweight lawn mowers on the market. It offers you a smooth experience. It is very easy to operate due to its user-friendly design.

The 40V  4 Ah lithium-ion battery powers this high performance machine for up to 7,000 square feet on a single charge. According to the manufacturer, the battery offers up to 45 minutes of runtime from a single charge. This much run time is enough for up to ½ acre of lawn. 

The Greenworks 25322 model features 2 in 1 functionality: the rear bagging and mulching ability. 

The catch basket system of the unit is most used by the owners. The mulching system of the machine offers your garden with additional nutrients from finely cut grass clippings. 

Ease of use

An electric cordless lawn mower like this one is much easier to operate and maintain as compared to the gar-powered mower of the same size and power. 

It’s ready to operate in just a single press of a button. Moreover, it is also lightweight and makes it convenient to move across the garden. 

When it comes to adjustability, the cutting deck is very easy to adjust . There is a large lever using which you can easily shift the cutting deck into your preferred position. 

Positive Points

  • 16 inch cutting deck
  • Lightweight 
  • Good performance
  • Rear bagger
  • Minimal vibration 

Negative Points

  • Not self propelled
  • No side eject system 
  • Slow charging battery