How to get recorded shows off Directv DVR

If you are thinking about upgrading to a new DirecTV DVR to get more features and functionalities but are concerned about losing the recorded shoes. Then there is no need to worry about that. You can easily transfer the recorded shows using different methods.

Contact DirectTV 

Due to the encryption on the box to prevent unlawful copying and distribution of recorded shows, you can not link DirectTV DVR boxes together to transfer recorded shows. 

Moreover, they also can not be directly connected to the computer or laptop. 

If you are upgrading to a new DirectTV DVR from the old one then you can contact DirectTV to transfer the recorded shows to the new box as they have some special equipment for some boxes. 

You can contact DirectTv over the phone. But, it does not work for you then you can try another alternative. 

Video capture card or device

This is an alternative method. In this method, you have to use an additional device called a Video capture PCI-e card. This device will enable you to transfer the recorded shows to your computer or laptop

When it comes to the working of this device. It works by capturing any audio and video from an analog cable hooked to another device such as a video game system or DVR. 

This video is then recorded and saved onto the computer. Note that the HDMI cable is not going to work for this due to the encryption from the DirecTV Box. 

In order to transfer the recorded shows from your DirectTV to DVR with a video capture card, firstly, you have to connect an analog cable into the output jack of your DVR and then plug the other end of this cable into the input jack on the video capture device. 

Then play the recorded show and hit the record button on your video capture device to save it. 

Use a VCR or DVD recorder

If you do not want to use a video capture then you can use a VCR or DVD recorder as an alternative. It is less costly as compared to video capture cards. Both the devices VCR and DVR recorder work in a similar manner to the video capture card. The only difference is that the shows are saved either into a VCR tape or DVD. 

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