How to transfer DVR recording to Computer / PC?

However, the storage capacity of the DVR (Digital Video Recorder) seems to be a lot on the first day of installation, but after recording high-quality 300 movies the storage does not seem to be enough. Most DVR users look for ways to transfer DVR recordings to the computer. 

In order to transfer the recording to computers, you have to use a video capture device. You can follow the step-by-step procedure in order to do so. 

  1. Install a video capture device between your DVR and computer. Most of the affordable ones come with red, white, yellow RCA- style connectors for attaching to the DVR. 

Moreover, some of the expensive models come with S-video and HDMI connectors as well. 

  1. After installing the video capture device, start and pause playback on your DVR. 
  2. When the AutoPlay dialog opens, select “Import Video” using Windows Live Photo Gallery. In case the autoplay dialog isbypassed, the “Import Video” dialog will open directly.
  3. Click, next and enter a name for your video, and click “choose the parts of the video to import. 
  4. Then, resume playback on your DVR, and on your computer, click “Import”.
  5. Click stop when your DVR program is finished. 
  6. Now, the DVR recording is transferred to your computer where you can edit it.