LEVOIT LV600HH Humidifier Review

If you are going through the consequences of the dry air, such as dry skin and throat and chapped lips, you could use a humidifier. 

Humidifier helps to maintain an optimum level of moisture in the air. 

If you are looking for a humidifier? 

Obviously, yes.

That’s why you are here 🙂

Here in this article we have reviewed the LEVOIT LV600HH Humidifier. We have done a detailed review of the product in order to help you decide whether it’s a perfect pick for you or not. 

We have mentioned each variable of the humidifier, as there are a lot of variables that go into finding the right humidifier for your needs. 

So, without talking nonsense, let’s begin the review with an overview of the product. 


The LEVOIT LV600HH Humidifier is one of the best humidifiers on the market within its price point. It features staggeringly accurate humidistat and powerful mist creation. 

It has a large, 1.6 gallon capacity that allows this unit to operate continuously for up to 36 hours on a low mist setting. 

The mist output of the unit is around 500 ml per hour. 

This humidifier is a perfect pick for rooms that are a bit larger as this unit is suitable for spaces up to 150 square feet. 

It is equipped with an LED screen that can be completely turned off at night. It ensures excellent comfort and peaceful ambiance while you rest. 

The humidifier comes pretty much pre-assembled so that the user does have to spend a lot of time in the assembly process. It comes with three aroma pads and absorption pads.

It features the remote control functionality that allows you to operate the unit conveniently even while sitting on the sofa. 


  • Aromatherapy
  • Convenient remote control 
  • Ultra quiet operation
  • Auto mode
  • Equipped with sensors
  • Up to 36 hours of run time
  • Comes with a cleaning brush

Control Panel and Buttons

 The LEVOIT LV600HH Humidifier is equipped with an LED display and comes with a touch control panel. Using the touch control panel of the unit you can access and adjust the functionalities of the unit such as mist level, humidity level, timer, warm mist, cool mist, auto mode. 

Let’s not forget that it comes with remote control functionality. Therefore, you can adjust all the settings even with the provided remote.

And, when it comes to display, you can see the following:

  1. Cool mist humidity level
  2. Warm mist humidity level
  3. Timer setting
  4. Auto mode indicator
  5. Low water level indicator
  6. High temperature warning
  7. Relative humidity ( RH ) level indicator

Hybrid warm and Cool mist

This is an ultrasonic hybrid humidifier. So what does the term “hybrid” mean? Hybrid refers to the fact that this unit can be used for dual purpose. It can be used as warm as well as cool mist humidifier. 

On your control panel, there are dedicated buttons for either purpose. Moreover, with the cool mist button you select among – low, medium, high as per your preference. 

Positive Points

  • Whisper quiet operation
  • Comes with remote control 
  • Amazing design and built quality
  • Heat function is optimal and very effective 
  • Easy to operate
  • Mist nozzle can be pointed in different locations 

Negative Points

  • LED display is far too bright

Final Words

The LEVOIT LV600HH Humidifier is a versatile cool and warm mist operation function that makes it suitable for all types of conditions.  With the high mist output and amazing features, the LEVOIT LV600HH is one of the easy to use and effective at quickly boosting the humidity to an optimum level.