Teapot VS Tea Kettle | Difference between teapot and tea kettle

The word tea pot and tea kettle sounds similar but both are different kitchenwares. They are used totally for different purposes. 

The teapots are used for brewing or pouring tea, on the other hand tea kettle is used for boiling the water for making tea, coffee or instant food. 

Another product that is related to teapot and tea kettle is the tea warmer. As the name suggests it helps to keep your tea warm.

This is the main difference in these products, but in order to select which is best suited for you let’s dig deeper and know more about these products. 

Tea Pots

If you’re one of those people who just dunk a tea bag in a cup of hot water. You’ll be amazed to know that much effort goes into making an authentic, flavourful and tasty tea. 

Do you know that chinese tea makers have different methodologies of tea making.

In addition to the efforts put into tea preparation, a lot of efforts are firstly invested just in order to choose the right type of teapot for a particular type of tea. 

 Teapot is designed in different styles with different materials to meet the specific requirement. Teapot used in the preparation of tea plays a vital role in the flavour of the tea. 

Every type of tea pot has its own advantages whether it’s stainless, ceramic, fine porcelain or glass teapot. 

Benefits of stainless steel teapots:

  • They are more durable and stronger than ceramic alternatives. 
  • Stainless steel is an excellent heat retainer that keeps tea hot for longer than the ceramic and porcelain alternatives. 
  • Stainless steel requires less maintenance.
  • Stainless steel is extremely light that makes it convenient to use. 

Benefits of Porcelain teapots:

  • The refined and translucent appearance of these teapots make it extremely popular amongst luxurious hotels and restaurants. 
  • However, porcelain is not as durable as stainless steel but it is less likely to break than ceramic teapots. 

Benefits of Ceramic teapots:

  • Ceramic teapots have medium heat retention capability. That makes it a suitable compromise between stainless steel and porcelain. 
  • Ceramic teapots are available in a number of designs due to the versatile functionality of this material. 

Benefits of glass teapots:

  • Glass teapots do not offer too many benefits, they are excellent for monitoring the progress of your brew and measuring the infusion more precisely. 

Tea Kettle:

As mentioned earlier, tea kettle is used for boiling the water. Tea kettles are available in a variety of materials and characteristics that one should consider while buying one that will be practical and functional. 

In order to get the most out of your tea, you need to pick a perfect tea kettle by considering certain elements and functionalities. 

While purchasing a kettle you should pay attention to your drinking habits, preparation time, and budget. These factors significantly affect the choice of kettle for the needs of a user. 

These some of the most commonly used tea kettles:
Electric Tea kettle:

This type of kettle uses electricity rather than a stove to heat water. Due to the good design of these kettles they can boil water very quickly. 

However, electric kettles are a bit expensive but quick and quiet water heating capabilities along with energy efficiency makes it a good option to consider. 

Benefits of an electric tea kettle:

  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Swift heating capabilities
  • Automatically turn off when water reaches pre-set temperature
  • “Keep warm” feature in some kettles ensures that water doesn’t cool down. 

Stovetop Kettle

As the name suggests, these kettle are used on the stovetop to heat water. These kettle can be used on all types of stovetops. The main downside of these kettles is that it takes a bit longer to heat water and aren’t energy efficient at all. 

Tea Warmer

A tea warmer is basically used to keep tea hot. Tea warmers are available in different designs and materials. The most commonly used tea warmers are stainless steel with some brass finishing. 

In order to keep your tea warm you just need to light up a tea light candle, and then a teapot is placed on top of the tea warmer. It prevents the teapot from becoming cold. 

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